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abdulrahim kunata


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Guest Offline/punching POS Machine Required

I am from Mumbai India ,one of Director of pvt ltd company 

I having contractor base work from worldwide data and cards 

I wanted multiple Currency , offline,online, Punching , manually machine 

I will give you 30 % to machine Holder 

(Make sure this Lease/Contractor base with my company)

Interested machine Holder 

Email me :- mukeshrajmumbai@yahoo.com

WhatsApp Number is 917066288766

With Regards,



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Guest Sid_Dubai

I looking forward for POS 


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      Visa Net receiver is accepting senders for Visa Net.
      There will be full transparency from the receiver and we expect the same from the sender.
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      Purchase: 38+2 %
      Lease: 6+2 %
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