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We can provide 40% manganese ore + in FOB, CFR or CIF anywhere in the world we can improve any budget you have, we have 30,000 mt ready to be shipped to any delivery port we can supply any quantity you require.

we look for long-term business.

Podemos propocionar mineral de manganeso del 40%+ en FOB,CFR OR CIF  a cualquier parte del mundo mejoramos cualquier presupuesto que tengan, contamos con 30,000 mt listas en ser enviadas a cualquier puerto de entrega podemos supply cualquier cantidad que ustedes requieran.

Form of payment: letter of credit confirmed and irrevocable non-transferable, without conditions payable on demand deferred payment at 60,90 or 120 days, issued in the name of our financial agent.
or a promissory note backed by the bank to 60,90 or 120 days.


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 ? mica
 ?Zinc ore
?Manganese ore

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Available: Solid minerals/metals in commercial quantities e.g; Lead, Zinc ore, Tanterlite Gold, Coal, Tack, Iron ore, Bauxite, Sapphire, Kaolin, Limestone, Billet, Bitumen, Ammonite, Dolomite, Quartz, Manganese ore etc.. We handle all the documentation as a registered custom agent from the sea port and other logistics aspect of the service. 
Our business is open and aboveboard, straight forward in all business affairs! 
Contact  through the following: 
WhatsApp/Telegram: +2347062641000

Best regards, 

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www.jxscmachine.com. this video is about the 200tph  manganese ore washing plant, complete plant is provided by JXSC mine machinery factory in China, this manganese ore washing plant including manganese ore washing drum scrubber, for washing clean the sticky clay,  high frequency vibration screen for sieving out needed particles. and vibration feeder for feeding manganese ore, belt conveyor for send over size material . 

this manganese ore washing plant aslo can be used for alluival gold, tin, tungsten, copper, silica sand, chrome ore, diamond processing. 

For more details, pls contact Ms.Amy Lin: sales2@jxscmining.com, Mobile/whatsapp/wechat:+86-15770899318

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Manganese Ore

Manganese: What do cars, homes, bridges, and skyscrapers all have in common? Steel. Manganese is essential and irreplaceable in steelmaking. The United States has been totally reliant on imports of manganese for decades. Plus, just a few nations dominate the global manganese mining industry. For example, the Kalahari manganese district in South Africa has 70% of the world’s identified manganese resources, and about 25 % of its reserves. The combination of total import reliance for manganese, the mineral commodity’s essential uses in our industrialized society, and the potential for supply disruptions because of the limited sources of the ore makes manganese among the most critical minerals for the United States.

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Manganese Ore 35% Mn

We can propose 10,000mt on monthly basis and consider up to 20,000mt on spot basis. Up to 5,000mt monthly is easier to ship in containers, packed in jumbo bags or wrapped inside one big container bag. 100% T/T prepayment applies only, including first 2% prior to main contract with miner.
For additional information in English write through:

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we have Manganese ore for sale 
Our Manganese(x%) has some percentage of silicon 
(y%)as we mine the deeper we mine the better the 
price: $4.5 dollars per ton % MIN, Ex warehouse
FOB    $5.00 dollars per ton % MIN.
CIF:   $5.75 dollars per ton %MIN

payment term:

1. Irrevocable, divisible, transferable letter of sight 100%.

2. 30% Advance and 70% after the scanned documents and bill laden.

3. 100% TT after inspection at the seaport.

For Further information contact:
Mobile: +2348037202394
whatsapp: +2348037202394
Email: elongodolimited@gmail.com

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Manganese Ore Offer:
42% concentrate.
Price = 5.85 x 42 x DMT.
Quantity: 500 MT to 4000 MT (we can supply more but must be gradual).
Incoterm: CFR.
Origin: Brazil.
Stowage: Container.
Analysis/ Stuffing Report: Mitra.
Visit: The buyer is welcome to check the miner company and the loading port.

Payment 1: 50% against Invoice | 45% against BL copy | 5% after balance at destination port.
Transit time 1 (miner company / loading port): around 10 days. 

Payment 2: SBLC transferable, Irrevocable, Divisible, issued or confirmed by a top 50 bank.
Transit time 2 (miner company / loading port): around 20 days after the financial instrument is ready and transferred.

We have full documents of past performance but we only share with end buyers who accept our terms.
I have pics, past BL (fresh) , past Mitra report and everything of buyer can need to prove the veracity of business.
100% welcome to visit the miner company and check the goods in loading port.
Serious buyers / brokers keep in touch.

Skype: live:douglas.exata

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