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We're Turkish Trailer Manufacturer that produces LPG-OIL-ASPHALT-WATER-CHEMICAL Tanker,Cement Bulker,Lowbed,Dump,Tipper,Semi and Similar trailers.Our history includes sales in Syria, Jordan, France,Africa,Iraq and Germany.

If you need anything kindly contact with us  Telephone: +905305833572  E-mail: orkuncanart@gmail.com.

Websites: www.caselli.com.tr - www.gulustandorse.com   Orkun Can Gulustan  Sales Manager  Best Regards  Thank you

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Hello dears trailer-tanker sector is so fast especially in Africa. They need trailer-tanker.Because there is no trailer manufacturer. If you have powerful finance Because demand increases day To day in this sector.We give disturbitorship some countries in Africa. If you want to be our disturbitor in your country. Kindly contact with me +905305833572 (open whatsapp) - orkuncanart@gmail.com

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    • By Kece Idriss
      We are Turkish Semi-trailer - tanker and on-vehicle manufacturer in Turkey .We produce LPG-FUEL-OIL-BIOLOGICAL-ISO-NITROGEN-AMONNIA-ASPHALT-WATER TANKERS,TIPPER,SEMITRAILER-PLATFORM-40FT-20FT CONTAINER TRANSPORT-CHASIS OF TRAILER-CEMENT BULKER-LOWBED TRAILERS and TRACTOR ROMORKS.We export many countries as especialy African and Arabic countries.
      For Contact  : +233268986268
      Call me for any info We also export all our products from ?? our country to any part of the world ?
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