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I load USA and Canada credit cards with online access  
Front and back of the card pics  
Online access  
Phone number linked to the account or the owener  
Joins us on whatsapp chat group  

Also I load  
Line of credit  

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The 7 Best First-Time Credit Cards to Apply for in 2018

Ongoing, using your card allows you to earn two points per dollar on dining and entertainment and one point per dollar on all other purchases. You can earn an unlimited amount of points. And your points don’t expire. You have the option of redeeming your rewards online at thankyou.com or via phone by calling 1-800-THANKYOU.

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Learn How to Buy Litecoin with Credit Card

Although trading fees cost 1.49% every time you buy a coin, Coinbase do offer one of the best market prices in the industry. Just remember that although you can deposit and buy Litecoin with credit card or debit card, you can’t withdraw your funds back to your card. Instead, you will need to use a bank account.

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Credit Card Interest Calculation And Bad Credit Score! – Full Guide

You must see in your statement that your interest rate has been charging on an annual basis, which is known as annual percentage rate or APR, but the thing is you need to calculate your interest on a daily basis as we know that Interest is to be charged on a regular basis only. Thus, you have to convert that APR rate to Daily rate.

What you all need to do is divide it by 365 to get the interest rate on a daily basis. The result which you will get after following this is commonly known as the Daily Periodic rate or Periodic Interest Rate.

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Here's how many credit cards people with excellent credit scores have

Adding a new card is one way to increase the credit available to you, which allows you to spend more while still maintaining a safe utilization ratio, or the amount you've spent compared to your credit limit. "The lower your ratio of balances to your total credit limits, the better," says Dornhelm.

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(This Agreement applies to Visa Platinum, Visa Gold, Visa Classic, or other credit cards issued by HSBC (“Card”))

8.3 Finance Charge & Interest Rate

(a) If payment of the whole of Statement Balance is received by the Bank on or
before the Payment Due Date, Cardholder shall not be required to pay for
finance charge on the paid Statement Balance.

(b) If the Cardholder fails to pay the Bank the whole of the Statement Balance on
or before the Payment Due Date, a finance charge (as specified in the Credit
card Fees and Charges), without prior notice, will be applied even Cardholder
has paid the Minimum Payment Due in full. The Finance Charge will be
calculated as the following method: Daily Interest = (Day End Balance x Interest rate per annum) \ 365

Day End Balance: including (i) amount of each Card Transaction (excluding cash
advance which is subject to a different charging scheme) making up the Statement
Balance, as well as new transactions (excluding cash advance) entered into Card
Account since the last Statement Date, from the transaction date and (ii) any other
amounts making up the Statement Balance from the last Statement Date, until the
Statement Balance is paid in full.

Interest: is calculated at the interest rate per annum as specified in the Personal Banking
Tariff at the time being effective.

The financial charge will be accrued daily and be calculated from the transaction date
to the date Day End Balance paid in full.

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5. 401k or IRA

If you’ve put money away into some kind of retirement fund there’s a chance that you can access them to pay off your debt. There’s a chance that you would be subject to a fee for early withdrawal, but that will depend on the specifications of your fund.

This one may seem like a good idea now, but it’s important to consider the fact that you’re dipping into your nest egg for retirement. It would be wise to explore your other options before taking from your 401k, especially if your debts are considerable.

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Best Personal Lines of Credit 2018

Best Personal Line of Credit for Low Income Borrowers: DBS Cashline

Consider this if you require a personal line of credit with a low annual income requirement
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Eligibility S$20,000 of annual income
Max. Credit Limit 2x monthly salary (4x for annual income > S$30,000; 10x for annual income > S$120,000)
Annual Fee S$100, waived for 1 year

DBS Cashline is the best line of credit for with a minimum income requirement below S$30,000. DBS stands out as a lender offering personal line of credit loans to individuals with annual incomes of at least S$20,000 because it waives its first annual fee and due to its current Grab voucher promotion. Additionally, DBS Cashline charges interest rates of 29.8%, the same rate charged by competitors for low income borrowers. To learn more about the details of DBS Cashline, please see our full review of the product.

Summary of DBS Cashline

Annual Income Interest Rate Credit Limit
$20,000 to S$30,000 29.8% 2 times monthly salary
S$30,000 to S$120,000 19.8% 4 times monthly salary
S$120,000+ 19.8% 10 times monthly salary
Edited by Line of Credit

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1). Euro Exim Bank, UK rep office (www.euroeximbank.co.uk), (SWIFT: EUEIGB22)

2). Suisse Credit Capital - London, (SWIFT: SBLTGB2LXXX)


4. Stern Bank- San Juna, PR00918, USA (SWIFT: SIECPRSJXXX) - Only Sblc/BG

5). Winter's Bank Austria 

WA +6282315440303

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