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got IP/IP , MT 103 202 receiver in DUBAI

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Contact me only if SENDER Accepts this (this is only how my receiver works in Dubai):

-I got IP/IP , MT 103 202 receiver in DUBAI ( huge corporation) that can can handle any amount sent. The Sender has to sign the COMPANY'S CONTRACT (he doesnt have to be physically present) as The company has to issue the contract as an investment plan as you know UAE laws are strict with money laundry issues. Below the plan will be explained:

As an example for a 10b investment : 10 billion / 3 years plan
30% cash back to Sender INSTANTLY once funds are received.
35% investment development for Sender , exit in 2 year with ROI 8% starting 2nd year 
30% company fees
5% commission fees is paid INSTANTLY for brokers.


Meaning Sender have an acquisition of 65%.
15% out of the 35% invested  will be given cash back with 6 months for each transaction and that leaves 20% actual investment.
Then receiver will legally open a sub contracting company to the sender so all transfers stays legal.
Transfers are made by company to Sender , Sender than has the right to transfer from U.A.E to anywhere else world wide.
This gives the sender an extra advantage of having 65% payed back to him plus more from profits and he has his own company in Dubai acting as a hub for all his transactions.

This is a real legit deal not that all the fake receivers you find that will never close a deal or will steal your money. You are money is guaranteed by a true contract that is backed by the laws of UAE. 

So scammers and time wasters stay away and please read all the details CAREFULLY.

Serious senders who are ready to close the deal contact me. 

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