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We have a VisaNet receiver

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Guest Khairul Alam

I am interested

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Guest I need loader 3d

Hello i need loader 3d . Zaza70168@gmail.com

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Guest Visa net sender in europe
On 1/15/2019 at 2:19 PM, Guest Ashk27 said:

I AM in connection with your above post and understood your search requirement. If you are serious and have real SENDER for visa net, than I can help you our with real receiver. The details of the Receiver banks are as under :



Visa Net procedure receiver Nr.2

The receiver’s Visa Net procedure is as follows:

Sender transfers a small trial amountReceiver transfers back the trial amount in order to confirm the account is active.After this trial is completed, the transaction starts with tranches of 48Milion Maximum per day till the total amount is exhausted.

To oversee the transaction process, there will be appointed a representative of Receiver’s facilitators to assure the transaction is proceeding correctly, till it’s finished. We do this in first place for security and secondly also to assure that the receiver will never meet face to face with the sender.

The ratio is:

45% for the sender

5% for the sender facilitators of which 1% closed.,4 % open for you.

45% for the receiver

5% for the receiver facilitators.

Visa Net receiving banks are two:

Unicaja, Spain for the accounts with IAT 13-digit number.

Barclays Bank, London for the accounts with IAT 14-digit number.

If interested than kindly provide the CIS & POF of the sender at the earliest.



Hi please contact me on +971529376982

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Guest Meree
On 3/16/2019 at 8:06 AM, Renix7 said:

Hi. I got a sender visanet for 13 or 14  IAT number. 

i have receiver visanet. IAT contact me: meree9094@gmail.com

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Guest Zaza

Hello i need sender 2d and 3d . My mail zaza70168@gmail.com

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Guest Napoleon
On ‎8‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 9:24 PM, Afeita Kalai said:

Hi i have genuine sender for Visanet and i need your support

my name Napoleon from Uk I have a receiver here in the UK and will be very glad I get in touch with to continue about how get things done. my email is devonmallz@gmail.com.

thank you.

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Were looking for 10 visanet cardholders to be a conduit between two banks. This is a bank to bank transaction based on the tax treaty between China,Europe and USA. China wants to bring all their money back home from Europe but in order for Europe and USA to allow that they need their %(tax). So by using visanet a US corporation as a third party it ensures that Europe and USA gets their %. This transaction is approved by the European central banks. 
I'm not a broker chain. I work with a private wealth group Licensed and incorporated in the US. They have been appointed by Beijing to be the bank liaison for Bank of China and hired by visanet to commence these transactions. 
After submission of video per video instructions and cis we will do with a 500k promissory  contract a 500k test tranche. 50% of that test tranche the client will use to purchase himself and mandate flight tickets and 5 star with security hotel accommodation for a minimum of 10 days to HK to meet INSIDE the Bank of China. If cardholder doesn't want to come he can have a mandate come in his place but must have power of attorney documents. The bank liaison(US passport holder) will stand next to cardholder as the download/ upload of funds take place. Starting with 2B-5B to 60B daily tranches.
Remember this is bank to bank. The sender is a European bank. The end receiver is bank of China, the cardholder is the conduit/gateway/third party or what have you between both banks. This is not the usual broker inflated stolen money deals you normally see online that don't perform. This is the 1% real deal. 
If interested in this invitation let me know. 
Awaiting your response 

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Guest Kore
On 3/16/2019 at 11:48 PM, Mieke G. said:

I have serious sender looking receiver but need video first with code. Tapesery@gmailcom


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Guest Naveen
On 3/16/2019 at 5:36 AM, Renix7 said:

Hi. I got a sender visanet for 13 or 14  IAT number. 


On 4/1/2019 at 6:55 PM, Guest Citytrader1976 said:

Plesae e mail citytrade1976@yahoo.com if you still have business

Contact me on naveen200679@gmail.com

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