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Foreign economic activity topic where any international company can follow as a member and post their commercial messages, to promote its products and services. The platform have well-structured commercial section: products & suppliers, business services, trade channel, group chats, together deals, and member’s forum: foreign real estate, social groups, human resources, diaspora abroad and others. The core features are guarantee services, strong reputation and trust level system, noncontacts internet sales and online business, associations and communication. Cross-Border Business Community is free of charge and welcome on the board all new members.

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#Cross-Border Business Community #Foreign economic activity

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    • By O9C4.COM
      Cross-border Trading Platform is an electronic board where companies from around the world can begin or continue to develop its international activities. Post your trading topic in Commercial Section, make it as detailed as possible, leave your contacts and get new customers. With the growth and development of platform, the functionality will be expanded greatly, but today we offer an open rating system and reviews, the ability to add files, videos, documents, price lists and images. This software allows customers to open debate and discussion about suppliers work and to identify unfair or encourage quality proposals. In common dialogue, the community will help each other to build a safe and reliable business, reduce costs and get the warranties. Suppliers and Manufacturers will be able to open access to the world market and to get new customers and contracts.
      The placement on site are Free and all have equal conditions for doing business and its promotion. But if You want to stand out from their competitors and gain momentum, we have provided promotion tools at a modest price. We hope You like it here very much and Your business will grow and bring joy to Your customers and Loved Ones.
      The mission of community is to unite all the active members of world economy at one point, to erase state borders, to learn to think globally and build a new planetary civilization, to develop common values:
      Improvement of ecology through a thrifty attitude to nature and safekeeping of species. The human environment, where everyone can maximize their talents and realize their unique potential. Natural products and food security for all mankind. Production of only high-quality consumer goods, high standards, an termination imposed demand for unnecessary trash. An updated healthcare system - high-tech and affordable. Propagation of the right values: a healthy lifestyle, sport, family, work, study, harmony with nature, respect. With kind regards and best wishes,
    • By O9C4.COM
      IPS Connect is a cross-domain single sign on and single point of authentication system that allows login credentials to be shared across multiple web applications.
      Every members registered Cross-Border Business Community (International) now have access to Трансграничное Деловое Сообщество (Russian) with the same Account & Profile. If member Sign In www.o9c4.com it will appear signed  in www.o9c4.ru - no need to create more account for another application. 
      We are working for another global projects, where any of O9C4 members can be Sign In and proceed with its global profile. This strategy grants additional value to members profiles.
      Once Signed Up - You never can't stop! The global game began!
    • By O9C4.COM
      Cooperation with Russian companies and clients
      Welcome Russian marketplace: Трансграничное Деловое Сообщество.
      Website: http://o9c4.ru/
      International suppliers and manufacturers are welcome to register the best Russian business community. It has free and adequately packages, where members can create commercial topics and join hot business discussions. That is the best way to connect reliable russian speaking partners and customers, not only from Russia and CIS, but throughout the world. It has english interface and menus, but most of content is on Russian language, so every foreign members can sign up account easily and operate through community smoothly.
      There are the same forum structure there as on Cross-Border Business Community and nothing hard to do business in .RU zone too: the same menus, the same rules, politics, terms and conditions, the same advertising prices and methods, the same business climate, but only russian language and focus.
      Warning message: If you already have o9c4.COM profile, you need to create another one for o9c4.RU and if prefer, can create same Display Name and Password, or different. Unfortunately we don't have unitary login system and probably it is not bad, from the security reason, but may be done in future.
      For those companies, who don't have russian speaking staff and need extra support on o9c4.RU platform, our Administration are ready to offer Localization and internationalization services ($15 for one Member) and more Advertising and Promotion: .RU members have the same promotion tools, as well as Conjoint procurement for "Conglomerate" community status.
      Please join our group chat for direct assistant on this topic and further cooperation: +79139055350
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