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We open Offshore Account 


An offshore bank account is an account opened in a bank by a non resident of the country. The typical reason for an individual or company to have an offshore account is to benefit from low tax jurisdictions among other favorable conditions for banking.


The most attractive thing about offshore banking is that the authorities in the country are a bit relaxed about the banking process. However, this could also present a problem in a jurisdiction that does not have sufficient regulations. 
Some offshore financial centers do not have enough regulations to ensure that depositors' funds are secured enough. 

Banks which offer offshore accounts usually have a compensation scheme through which they refund the monies of affected clients, however, the money deposited over this amount is at risk and has no guarantee of being refunded in the event of a crisis. For instance the amount covered by the compensation scheme may be 50,000 pounds. An account holder with a deposit exceeding this limit faces the risk of losing the excess when a crisis occurs.
We offer Thailand banking as it has not ruled by british & never been slaved of any country


As a matter of fact higher interest rates may be one of the reasons a person opts for an offshore account. This would, however, make financial sense if one was dealing with large sums of money whose gained interest is not a negligible factor. Domestic banks have manipulated interest rates to an-all-time low and when compared to the rate of inflation, depositors may find themselves losing money banking at home than benefiting from the prevailing interest rates.


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Cash Holding procedure 

Private placement programmes

*Hsbc is the most preferred Bank 

Client has to open a Current account and keep his money in that account based on which cash holding work will be done on the international platform like Singapore, UK, Hongkong, etc 

Money will not move from your account

Documents required are Latest Bank statement, tax paid money, Proof of funds, Kyc, bank confirmation letter, Bank receiving capacity letter, etc would be required
Tenure - 365+1 days

Agreement will be done and based on that you will get the offer

Ratio could be 1:3
(Example for every 100 crs you will get 300 crs)

* Depending on the holding amount
Profit Money ratio will be decided and sent to the client's account.

Please call on 9920547019

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Anyone with Usa, Canada or uk bank Accounts Logins  should pm for long term deal

Telegram Username: @Titus158

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Bond: 2% PB Issued By Seller's Bank to the Buyer's Bank

Whatsapp : 081288112561
Email : ricky8027@yahoo.com

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