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Business Finance, Stock Market, Quotes, News. What are the types of finance? What do you do as a finance? What are sources of finance? What is a finance degree? Finance is a field that is concerned with the allocation (investment) of assets and liabilities over space and time, often under conditions of risk or uncertainty. Latest investing news and finance headlines straight from Wall Street. Finance and capital markets. Economics and finance.

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We are Representatives in Nigeria of one of the world's largest Steel Trading, Financing and Shipping Company managed by international Steel Traders with dedicated Ship Brokage and long standing off take contacts with steel conglomerates in Europe, Asia and The CIS. 
 We are involved in a special project in which scrap iron is needed. 
We thereby need urgently, suppliers of  Steel Scraps to supply to us in Lagos. 
Private chat or Contact us on 07038566417

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Finance & Administration Associate, Afghanistan

We are seeking a Finance & Administration Associate for the USAID-funded Afghanistan Value Chain (AVC) – High Value Crops (HVC) Project. This Project will work with anchor firms nationwide to reverse market failures, strengthen backward and forward linkages, drive growth, and create jobs for men, women, and youth along, while supporting the rapid growth of the fruit and nuts, high-value horticulture, spices, and medicinal crops value chains. The Project will contribute positive and measurable impacts to the sectors and will increase the efficiency of market actors involved at every stage of the value chain.

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Finance of America issues second round of defaulted reverse mortgage bonds

“The market is looking at different flavors of the same bond, which is a positive thing,” Ribler said. “As an industry, the more liquidity there is for this stuff the better, and the cool thing is that FAR is putting something out there that is a little bit different than what we’ve seen before, so it will be interesting to get a read on how it prices out.”

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Guest Ibrahim alkhali

I have group of investors from Arab and African interested to Invest in Asia, African, Australia would like to engage you and your company on this project. The Investment amount is valued at US$514 million. 

We finance huge viable projects that yields good interest at 5% annually. While my take is 2% annually. In this following Area, Oil & Gas, real Estate,Energy,transportation,Import and Export. Write me privately Email: ibrahim1960@dbzmail.com 

If you are interested, kindly include your direct telephone number for full discussion of this offer when responding to this email. You can add us on WhatsApp +971524828325 

Thank you.

You can click bellow to join our group 


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    • By Chawalit pratunamkhonkaen
      We are able to finance your signatory 
      projects and help you enhance your 
      business plan. Furthermore, our 
      financial instrument can be used for 
      the purchase of goods from any 
      manufacturer irrespective of their 
      location. It can also serve as 
      collateral with any bank in the world 
      to secure loans for your project or to 
      activate credit line to finance your 
      business plan. We have {BG}, Standby 
      Letter of Credit {SBLC}, Medium Term 
      Notes {MTN}, Confirmable Bank Draft 
      {CBD} as well as other financial 
      instruments issued from AAA Rated bank 
      such as HSBC Bank Hong Kong, HSBC Bank 
      London, Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt, 
      Barclays Bank , Standard Chartered Bank 
      and others on lease at the lowest 
      available rates depending on the face 
      value of the instrument needed.

      Email : Chawalit.brokers900@gmail.com
      Skype : Chawalit.brokers900@gmail.com

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      I am DIRECT to RECEIVER.
      My RECEIVER is using Corp Account in Singapore - UOB Bank.
      Also have HLB/CIMB Bank in Malaysia.
      Small or Large Amount is ACCEPTABLE.
      Ratio dependent on your requirements.
      Please contact me if you are SENDER or SENDER's MANDATE.
      Satisfaction GUARANTEED!
      Chris (chrislim1951@gmail.com)
    • By KBC Bank N.V.
      Dear Sir/Madam 
      Projects Finance & Business expansion. 
      Kindly be informed that we are an investment company and we offer a wide range of project finance packages/services to Private, Corporate & Government Agencies. 
      And Our Financing Options and services are well known for the following: 1-Project Development finance, 2-Structured finance / Debt Finance, 3-Private Equity investment, 4-Collateral Management, 5-Credit enhancements, 6- Leveraged Financing, 7-Corporate Finance. 
      For further details about purchasing a loan of user-friendly respond immediately on our email: kbc.b@yahoo.com
      We look forward to hear from you.
      Frank Moss
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      Achievements I focus on Currency Exchange: USD/Euro,RMB,HKD & IQD • Experts in: S2S PROVIDER/WEBLINK/DTC/DTTC/EBRICS/Bank Draft/SPP/MT103-1-2 WAYS. WE HAVE JP54 , D2 ,CRUDE OIL SUNFLOWER OIL BIG QWANTITI, CONTACT me almensurtrading@gmail.com 
      +6282260248117 INDONESIA JAKARTA
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