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I’m VISANET receiver!

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Hi, I’m visanet receiver, my ratio is 50/50, only with slips, pls don’t ask me for 100 videos, I send one and that’s it or show by team viewer. I need sender. My telegram is: @alemelnik , jabber: alemelnikov1975@xmpp.jp 

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Guest Tim

Hi I'm interested in VisaNet. To connect it to my company or pay someone for using the account. Please let me know if we can talk.

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Hello everyone, I am a consultant in New York attached to many genuine providers of MT103 single Customer Credit,MT103/202, MT103/202 Manual Download,MT110, MT760, MT700,MT199,MT103 Cash.Please contact me asap on this details: Jodachem@gmail.com, by call or whatsapp +1-706-304-9513
Nolan Manning.

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    • By AdamLee
      We are looking for visanet receiver.
      The most important requirement of us is that we require the reciever come to China and do the whole procedure face to face on the table with us. We don't do any trial tranche before we meet the receiver face to face. We don't need the reciever to do the final settlement. We can divert funds ourselves. All the things that the receiver needs to do is to provide the account to do the posting for us. So the fees net earned for the reciever is 5%. We will deal with all the payment cost during the transaction for the receiver, such as taxes, transaction fees. We need the reciever to show us the video of the account online as we request. After our confirming the card is real and in good function of IAT, we start to arrange the meeting. And we will pay all the consumption for the reciever's trip. 
      The second scheme is that the ratio is 25 for the receiver. And the same request of us, no trial tranche and we meet face to face in China. The receiver can make a test of withdraw or transfer when he receives our first funds and after that he must transfer the funds to our designated account within 2 hours after he confirms the funds is no problem. 
      The amount of the funds is 50 billions euros. We will sign the investment contracts . And we file all the contracts to both sides banks. Our sender's bank will provide all the receipts of every transaction, so it means we will not be invovled in any trouble. We do the procedure legally and we earn money in peace of mind.
      whatapp +86 131 5436 1608
    • By Ken Harris
      Dear Sir/madam, 
      We work directly with a RECEIVER MANDATE personally and/or Team, work with several RECEIVERS for INTERBANK MONEY TRANSFER like IPIP/IPID, MT103/MT103-202/TT/MT103-MT104, FX4, DTC, SWIFT.Com Manual Download, VISA NET, etc. (For IPIP/IPID, B2B Communication Procedure is preferred). Most case, RECEIVERS have Bank Accounts at Major BANKS in the World.
      Below the LIST we are working with our RECEIVERs. (All are Legal basis)
      1. IPIP WITH Bank to Bank Communication. (HSBC, HK / Barclays, UK / DB, Germany and some Banks in Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc)
      2. MT103/MT103-202/TT Cash TRANSFER with Unlimited Accounts.
      - HSBC, UK/HK/Germany/Holland
      - DB, Germany/U.S.A.
      - CITIBANK, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, etc
      - VP Bank, LGT Bank in LIECHTENSTEIN
      - UOB, OCBC in Singapore (OCBC is Unlimited Account)
      - Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong (Unlimited Account)
      - etc.
      3. SWIFT.COM Manual Download 
      - U.S.A., Indonesia
      4. VISA NET
      - UK, HK, China, etc
      5. SEPA 
      These are 100% REAL RECEIVERS. So, please do not bring me unverified Deals. 
      For any case, if you are Transparent, Clean and you know what you are doing, we can co-operate for any Business. 
      You can connect me via email:  marinesuccess@inorbit.com or Skype at "live:marinesuccess" . 
      Thank you.
      Sincerely Yours, 
      Ken Harris 
    • By skyangel2
      The sender is my friend who I've been working with.

      The rules and steps:
      **The money is guaranteed and would be no troubles with transfers as it's the sender's money himself.%100 Guarantee there would be no problems with the chargeback.
      ** Transfers up to 1 million per day, a routine, starting from a lower amount to the higher.
      ** %5 commission is only shared with the receiver.
      ** The money will be sent from the SAME account everyday to the sender.
      ** An official terms and conditions paper can be signed between both parties.
      ** Proof of VisaNET account is needed.
      ** After proving VisaNET account, the flight ticket will be bought by me and the hotel will be ready for the person's staying.
      ** The sender and receiver will be ready, face to face, and make the transfers everyday, and take commission and leave. 
      ** I'm looking for someone who I can work with. All clear.

      PM me only if you are interested. The commission rate is only %5 for the receiver. Contact only if you agree.
    • By Miriam Krabe
      Hello, how can I become a visanet receiver? Thanks.
    • By Wesley1970
      Hi everyone, I’m a Genuine visanet receiver looking for senders, please no time wasters, CIS and POF required followed by small test with funds returned and process can start 48 hours later with no limit. Do not ask for videos or usual scams only interested in serious senders. 45/45 and 10.
      thanks for your help.
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