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Clean deals only. Amateurs and scammers will waste my and their time.

Visanet, Swiftnet (also manual dl) 103 (also manual dl), IPIP, IPID (prefer s2s attached to IPID), SEPA, FX4, DTC

Can receive very large amounts.

Also Euro based platform. Only cash or gold based instruments accepted and via swift delivery only (euroclear delivery not accepted until we already established trust)

Phone or F2F contact possible only after successful trials.

Sender side documents (up to date POF, screenshot, CIS, RWA, signature, passport etc etc etc depending on the method) must be provided FIRST. I will NEVER send CIS, account details, contracts etc. unless I inspect sender's documents and contract first.

EU & TR based professional network with top level worldwide financial network access.


Thank you.

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Hello everyone, I am a consultant in New York attached to many genuine providers of MT103 single Customer Credit,MT103/202, MT103/202 Manual Download,MT110, MT760, MT700,MT199,MT103 Cash.Please contact me asap on this details: Jodachem@gmail.com, by call or whatsapp +1-706-304-9513
Nolan Manning.

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      SEPA DIRECT B2B , looking for a receiver with a german account (best choice DB)
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      Receivers CIS is sent to us.
      Receiver issues SBLC RWA to my Bank Officer
      Once we receive the SBLC RWA, the MT 199 will be sent and the funds will be uploaded ,the shots will be delivered to them, but we will give them the final code when the SBLC is issued.
      SBLC it should be backed by cash, transferable, decidable, irrevocable, from one of the top 50 banks. Please
      If they issue a one-year SBLC with the features I mentioned, we will only ask for 15% (not 45 or 50%) in bitcoin form.
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