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pmex invest

MT 103/202, wire, TT Receivers available in Dubai /Pakistan

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Solid Corporate receivers are available in Dubai and Pakistan for swift 103/202, direct wire , TT only

At a reasonable price and quick payouts anywhere in the world.

Please contact me at pmexinvest at g mail 

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On 2/10/2019 at 1:51 PM, Mukeshraj_mumbai said:

WhatsApp me 

+91 7066288766

On 7/14/2019 at 12:06 PM, wanwei558 said:

I need a receiver for 103/202(CASH WIRE) & DTC & SBLC 6+2.


I can help you with a Receiver for MT103/202 in HSBC HK.

Also I have a Receiver for another with accounts in
Deutsche Bank Germany TRUSTEE ( ESCROW )
Barclays Switzerland
HSBC Switzerland
CITI Switzerland
HSBC Germany
HSBC France
Barclays UK
Please, send me the contract to send it to the Receiver
My Whatsapp No. is +54 911 3377 6385 // my email:  sanchezdf@gmail.com
Kind regards
Daniel Sanchez

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    • By Alex P
      Hello everybody
      I'm looking for highly experienced technical specialists to send financial instruments, transfers and other staff.
      To start, I would like to tell that I don't need people who tells that they close to provider, tells that they able to send real cash and other bla bla things.
      This message only for people who understand how it is work in real. 
      My group able to provide real cash material (files) with full access within few top banks. It's commercial cash, with full control on banker side. Full access codes for TT, Wire and other converted transfers via 103, 103+.... All you need is to know how to send it to final destination. It can be common account or nostro or anything else.
      Due to understanding of real procedure, we also understand real pricing of this work. We ready to work on constant basis. Means, you do transfer, we paying for your traffic and rental staff. Of course in case of successful job, you will receive also agreed percentage of transfer/instrument face value. If you experienced well, we able to meet in any country and talk about work at office. We will provide necessary programms for you in case of work at office and you will have salary.
      Same time if you already have necessary software, we can work on freelance basis.
      What we are interested in:
      1. All kinds of manual swift transfers, stp, ftp, converted with raising of nostro balance or common account balance. Ledger balance if possible.
      2. Possibility to block funds (our or leased) and send financial instruments via swift (aka 799 BF or 760 or 110 for example) 
      3. Possibility to work via IPIP, IPID, DTC 
      4. Possibility to work with TT, Wire, GPI
      5. Possibility to convert files via Sepa Credit Transfer (no need Direct Debit)
      6. Possibility to send swift messages like 199,999 and other text related with delivery to swift box of final bank officer
      In case you have your own source of funds (cash files) and have bank officers in chain as material providers, we can also work with your material. Main thing is that such funds must be able to past real bank compliance processing. 
      To start to know each other, we will do some test transfers.
      Please contact me via:
      WhatsApp: +44 7749 814411
      Mobile: +44 2081 447779
      Or PM me here  
    • By Baduracox
      I have a genuine and trusted receiver for MT103/202 Cash/Wire transfer, barclays to barclays up to 600M, SBLC Lease up to 500M, Manual download wire swift.com from global server only, DTC. Please contact me on my Telegram or skype or email I have on my profile
      Telegram: Yourstodiscover
      Skype: Badur Cox
      Email: badurcox@gmail.com 
    • By Alex Kim
       -- Mac Adress                                           50/50(RECEIVER SIDE CLOSED) 
       -- VISANET                                                     50/50 (RECEIVER SIDE CLOSED) 
       -- MT103/202 MANUAL DOWNLOAD        45/55 (RECEIVER SIDE CLOSED) 
       -- FX4                                                              50/50 (RECEIVER SIDE CLOSED)
        Small or Large Amount is ACCEPTABLE.   
       If you 100% REAL SENDER`s Satisfaction GUARANTEED!   
       WhatsApp +996 55 0 0 33 1 44 
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