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Kariba Aqua Foods Distribution

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Kariba Aqua Foods Distribution is a registerd company.
We supply dried/fresh kapenta and fresh frozen kariba breams that are natural (not farmed). We have a business opportunity were u can start your own business of distributing our products. 
Say fish (kariba breams). We supply u at $2.50 per kg. U can resell between $3.50. and $4.00 depending on your clientele. 
We can also pack for u in 1, 2, up to 5kgs packs. Or we can supply them as bulk (not packed).

 Even those who want fish for personal consumption We deliver do not hesitate to give us a shout. We offer quality services and products. Our fish can go upto 36hrs unrefredgirated when well frozen. 
Get intouch

our facebook page Kariba AQUA FOODS Distributors.
Eat fish stay healthy

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Kariba Aqua Foods Dis specialises in distribution and wholeselling of FRESH FISH ??? and DRIED KAPENTA ??. We are based right at the source of the products thats is Kariba. We have four years experiance in the business thereby guaranteeing you quality service delivery. For more infor   either app 0772843013/0775889446,
Visit and like our facebook page: kariba aqua foods distributors.
Email: tengab2000@gmail.com

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