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    • By RDK
      We have ready bitcoins for sale with 6% discount on live rate 
      Face to face in India 
      For serious trade mail me kapilagroup@gmail.com
    • By Wera Wojcik
      Dear Sir/Madam...   Greetings !   Urgent I will sell Bitcoins (BTC) obtained from legal investment activities (real offer).... I offer Bitcoins (BTC), a virtual peer-to-peer currency, not a physical coin.   Offer only for large players buyers/investing in Bitcoins privately outside cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges where transaction limits are up to a maximum of 15,000 EUR (1-2 BTC per day) and you have to pay high commissions for each transaction.   My BTC sale offer is a very attractive alternative for BTC buyers privately outside platforms and exchange offices with cryptocurrencies. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇   * Availability: 2000 BTC + about 850 BTC every month (repayment of loan installments from BTC borrowers) * Minimum order: 10 BTC  (only one-off transaction, no tranches) * Maximum order: 1000 BTC ( one-off transaction or in tranches 100-250 BTC)  * Price 1 BTC (promotion): 75% daily buying rate on https://www.blockchain.com/pl/prices (transaction without intermediaries/brokers/agents/consultans)  or 90% daily buying rate on https://www.blockchain.com/pl/prices (transaction with intermediaries/brokers/agents/consultans) * Commission 15% to inmediateres: seller side 7,5% (open), buyer side 7,5% (open) * Procedure: KYC or None KYC * Trade pair: USD/BTC or EUR/BTC or PLN/BTC * Transaction method: only remotely via the Internet (100% online via email). Note: because of the COVID-19 coronovirus pandemic that kills people on all continents of the world, face-to-face (F2F) and TTM (F2F + B2B) transactions are not possible due to the high risk of  getting COVID-19. * Payment method: 1) SWIFT /MT103  Single Customers Credit Transfer): worldwide (EUR, USD) or 2) SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT): EU (EUR) or 3) National Bank Wire Transfer: Poland (PLN) Note: Payment for BTC unconditional without no blocked funds, as the Bitcoin network does not roll back transactions after confirmation. The money must reach the seller's bank account, without blocking funds so that Bitcoins can be delivered to the Buyer's Wallet.   Offer only for serious buyers with own funds for this type of investment.   Contact for details via email: bookingwera@gmail.com   Note:
      No wallet btc flashing (SCAM 100%) - no SPAM -no Internet Joker - no time wasters - no chains - no adventurers - no incompetents brokers/agents/consultants/intermediateries and without stupid people who treat lethal COVID-19 like a runny nose and offer face-to-face (F2F) or TTM (F2F + B2B) transactions.

      Best Regards
      Owner & Seller BTC
    • By Sooryamax
      We can receive any type of cash and return 75% clean, we using our fund to help you. You can send any type of cash, first sign the agreement, and send us, with in 3 banking days cash return. 
      WhatsApp +94774223766 
    • By Feng Hong
      stop trading your bitcoin to fake vendors I’m here to buy all your bitcoins at good rate..if you’re interested Message me now to change your bitcoins into cash 
      at a very high rate 
      serious minded only 
      ‪+1 (573) 263‑6098‬
    • By RDK
      Only genuine buyer do reply, time wasters please don't waste time
      We have stocks of 1000+bitcoins and need good and reliable buyer for ontime trade
      Discount will be 4% to 9% depend on quantity
      If seriously need then send mail at kapilagroup@gmail.com
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