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Hello everyone, I am a consultant in New York attached to many genuine providers of MT103 single Customer Credit,MT103/202, MT103/202 Manual Download,MT110, MT760, MT700,MT199,MT103 Cash.Please contact me asap on this details: Jodachem@gmail.com, by call or whatsapp +1-706-304-9513
Nolan Manning.

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    • By Wuaku Bright Eben
      Do you have a Bank Guarantee(BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) and you want to
      WITHOUT the requirement to TRADE?
                   Our Monetizer provides Monetized Funds Within 5 Business Days - Without the Need to Place funds into a Trade -
                                                      With NO Upfront Fees charged by Us or the Monetizer To determine if we can assist you, please EMAIL the following to ebenwuaku@yahoo.co.uk  WhatsApp number +233 244664969
      1. The instrument currency and amount
      2. Is this a seasoned or Fresh Instrument?
      3. If the instrument is SEASONED:
         a) Please send a notarized copy of the instrument to be a true copy 
         b) Should we proceed to fund, we will require a bank-to-bank email from the issuing bank to the funding bank confirming and providing the instrument details. Please confirm you will be able to arrange this.  (You must be able to arrange this in order to proceed.)
      4. If the instrument is FRESH (i.e. has not been issued):
         a) Please send a copy of your D.O.A with the provider of the instrument
         b) Please advise you are ready to proceed with the issuing of the instrument, your ability to meet the terms, conditions and the fees you have arranged for the issuing. (POF for fees for issuance is required)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
      We will respond within 3 business days upon receipt of all information as to the next steps
      Thank you! We look forward to receiving your request.
    • By Sooryamax
      We can receive any type of cash and return 75% clean, we using our fund to help you. You can send any type of cash, first sign the agreement, and send us, with in 3 banking days cash return. 
      WhatsApp +94774223766 
    • By james linn
      Strong receiver
      Can pay out in CASH or BTC 
    • By pops anderson
      i need a real  DTC receiver and monetizer asap plz contact me via my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com  not on this site than you rgds,
      i have in hand a UOB letter from the UBO BANK in singapore  !my receiver is looking for a mt103/202 real no b/s sender ok!the max amnt  of the contract can`t exceed 50B !plz if you are or have a mt103/202 that`s for real and there`s no daisy chain of brokers then plz revert back to me via my email which is raoilandgas953@gmail.com and not reply back on this site plz ok!only if you are serious and no b/s broer daisy chain games!!
      i have a 500 B DTC  need a real direct no b/s broker chain receiver  
      and  a 100m euro credit Suisse sblc  to be monetize asap!!! plz reply to my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com only 
      not to reply on this site thanks rgds,
    • By Raja
      Cash  available against RTGS or DD in India .contact me for further details
      Whatsapp no  +91 6369 429 134
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