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I need Very good wire transfer 

accounts loader

i have accounts  to receive 

no login access 

orther Bank details is available 

City bank 
Wells Fago
US bank
Chase bank

WhatsApp +2347063395252

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Hello everyone, I am a consultant in New York attached to many genuine providers of MT103 single Customer Credit,MT103/202, MT103/202 Manual Download,MT110, MT760, MT700,MT199,MT103 Cash.Please contact me asap on this details: Jodachem@gmail.com, by call or whatsapp +1-706-304-9513
Nolan Manning.

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    • By Baduracox
      I have a genuine and trusted receiver for MT103/202 Cash/Wire transfer, barclays to barclays up to 600M, SBLC Lease up to 500M, Manual download wire swift.com from global server only, DTC. Please contact me on my Telegram or skype or email I have on my profile
      Telegram: Yourstodiscover
      Skype: Badur Cox
      Email: badurcox@gmail.com 
    • By Robert Taylor
      I need direct loader of Australia bank account like ing, bendigo, Citibank, Macquarie bank for wire transfer.
      contact me via email I’d: rt22878@gmail.com
    • By poh
      pls who have sender direct ,txt me,thanks
    • By prasad p
      Need direct sender for MT103/202 cash transfer, wire, and TT. Have multiple Company and personal accounts in UAE, I am a Direct receiver. Genuine senders can contact me
      If any one can do the same above transactions to INDIA also can contact me Both places I have a multiple Business accounts and personal accounts.
      Whatsapp: +91 7386393257
      I'm a direct reciver reliable for MT103/202 working with Deutsche Bank in italy for manual download and with other account in Italy, Lituania, china and UK for wire transfer. Please if you are interested contact me at jdm69@engineer.com. My company is a finacial investment company with asset and a consultancy company registered in Italy and full trnasparent to operate in this field.
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