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I offer cooperation with the receiver in Indonesia.

A reliable sender is required.

We are ready to discuss all terms and conditions. Describe the procedure that is convenient for You.

I attach the contract with the details of the receiver. Contact me in a convenient way. Telegram @shuffle ^ Whatsapp: +79963209489

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    • By Prime Services
      We have a very strong European IPIP account receiver excellent 100%
      Kind regards
    • By Baduracox
      I have a genuine and trusted receiver for MT103/202 Cash/Wire transfer, barclays to barclays up to 600M, SBLC Lease up to 500M, Manual download wire swift.com from global server only, DTC. Please contact me on my Telegram or skype or email I have on my profile
      Telegram: Yourstodiscover
      Skype: Badur Cox
      Email: badurcox@gmail.com 
    • By Robert Taylor
      Any receiver in this listed bank and register in 192.com electoral should contact me for this transaction. No need of time wasters or argument nor suggestion. Only account owner with proof should contact me via rt22878@gmail.com
      🇬🇧 only...
      NOTE: These Loans will be wiped off the system and are untraceable therefore account will still be active after the funds have been withdrawn.
      PERSONAL         £25k x 3 instalments 
      CORPORATE      £75k x 3 instalments 
      Contact your Clients and Receivers then contact me ASAP. 
      Deal is 60/10/30 and non-negotiable
      NOTE: Your client must currently be in the UK 🇬🇧 electoral. Use 192.com to check your client is currently registered on his/her address.
    • By SujaySrivatsaIND
      I'm with genuine sender mandate.. we are looking for Direct Receiver or Receiver Mandate to work together for long time.. 
       if you have strong receiver with central bank licence and huge project cost then this is the procedure we follow. 
      1. Receiver or Receiver Mandate can work with us.. First we want CIS of the receiver along with receiver mandate letter.. if direct receiver we want CIS along with LOI ( letter of interest). 
      2. Receiver should have central bank licence to receive funds via ipip mode of transaction. or HKMA/SMA or any Monetary Authority Approval 
      3. Receiver should have project report of his company and banker confirmation letter that receiver have enough receiving capacity to receive funds in his beneficiary bank account of ipip account 
      4. Once sending CIS along with Mandate letter or LOI after verifying sender will issue contract and RWA format.. 
      5. Receiver should sign the contract and return back to sender along with bank issued RWA.. RWA is included details like central bank licence and bank conclusion. 
      4. Once sender receives contract and rwa from receiver.. sender bank will issue 3 free advice to receiver bank (MT199). if bank replies that receiver is enough capable to receive €XX then sender will upload the funds to receiver server account. 
      5. Sender will provide 3 color screens of uploaded funds ( black, blue, yellow) to the receiver or Receiver Mandate.
      6. Receiver can download funds and receiver should send fund located screen (it will be generated automatically just like upload screens) to the sender along with bank confirmation letter that seeking for details to get bank endorsed PGL. 
      7. After verifying the fund located screen and banker letter sender will issue required details to get bank endorsed PGL.. Bank Letter should say time frame of pgl.. and asking for final codes 
      8. Sender receiving pgl and after verifying PGL sender will issue final codes 
      9. Receiver after receiving final codes bank will successfully download the fund to the receiver. 
      10. Banker will credit the fund to receiver beneficiary account and from there receiver should pay the percentage as mentioned in PGL to all accounts with in 24 Hrs to 48 Hrs. 
      Here.. we only work with mandate or direct receiver. we don't want to waste time on long chain media or who don't have proper access with the receiver. till now we faced lot of problems with media. 
      Note: Digital signature is not accepted.. receiver should sign with wet blue ink pen on the contract print out paper and scan the contract and should send back the PDF file along with letter. 
      This is the complete procedure of our work.. we work on this basis. please verify your receiver did he/she capable to receive funds or not. because transaction will start with minimum 1 Billion euros.. after transaction sender sending uploaded screens receiver should pay amount to banker to download the funds.. if he don't pay banker will not download and work will going waste. 
      So ask receiver properly don't do anything your own and please don't manipulate any document.. we still receiving fake letters and fake pgls from scammers.. don't waste your time first of all.. work with proper confirmation. 
      Sender : 50%
      Receiver : 45%
      Media: 5% (2.5+2.5)
      Please don't waste time on ratio to negotiate or demand to change. this is final and reasonable. 
      Volume :
      1 Billion EURO to 10 Trillion Euros 
      Required :
      Mandate Letter on receiver letter head 
      (Mandate letter with mandate passport with receiver stamp and seal) 
      LOI (if direct receiver) 
      Bank Letter 
      After transaction :
      Bank confirmation letter 
      Fund Located Screen 
      Bank endorsed PGL
      Check properly If any one is available with receiver and agree with this procedure if anyone have capability to work on this procedure can contact.. 
      Skype : sujaysaan@outlook.com 
    • By wanwei558
      I need a receiver!
      Choose a deal!
      ******these are different deals and different senders*****
      IP-IP - attention - Return for the sender and me 29,5%.A receiver bank for receiving server funds should only be in Western Europe! I repeat! A receiver bank for receiving server funds should only be in Western Europe!Without Berlin and without Dortmund!
      ******these are different deals and different senders*****
      attention - it is without payment
      104-103/202 - The deal is swift.com MT-104 and MT-103/202.For the return for the sender and me 62,5% and for you and your receiver 37,5%.
      ******these are different deals and different senders*****
      КТТ - attention is free - Return for the sender and me 55%.
      *******these are different deals and different senders******
      DTC - attention is free - For the return for the sender and me 38% and for you and your receiver 62%.
      *******these are different deals and different senders******
       103-202-cash transfer - attention - prepayment (up front) - the return for the sender and me 65%+10,000+0.1% of the transaction amount is to lawyers, step by step.NO RWA!
      ******these are different deals and different senders*****
      103-202 - CASH WIRE ТТ - attention - here prepayment (up front) - 8,500 Euro
       The deal is swift.com  MT-103/202.For the return for the sender and me 50% and for you and your receiver 50%.
      *******these are different deals and different senders******
      SBLC 6+2
      attention - here prepayment (up front) - 50,000 Euro
      *******these are different deals and different senders******
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