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Asian Food Export

Asian Food Export

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Asian Food Export 

We are manufacturers  of below  products  

Kasoori  methi  ( Dried  Fenugreek  Leaves  ) 

Coriander  leaves 

Dehydrated  onion  & Garlic  

Note : please your any inquiry send me privete message 

Alpesh Valiya 

Whatsapp No : 8347475551

E- mail  : info@asianfoodexport.com

Website : www.asianfoodexport.com

Have  A  Nice  Day

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Asian Food Export 

We are manufacture of below products .

 Dehydrated products 

Dehydrated White Onion 

White onion kibbled/flakes :
White onion Granules : 
White onion powder :

Dehydrated Red Onion 

Red onion kibbled/flakes : 
Red onion powder : 

Dehydrated Pink Onion 

Pink onion kibbled/flakes: 
Pink onion powder : 

Dehydrated Garlic 

Garlic flakes : 
Garlic powder :

Ginger powder : 
Potato powder : 
Tomato powder : 
Amchur Powder : 
Lemon Powder: 
Cheese Powder : 
Wheat flour :
Carry powder:
Kasoori Methi : 
Mint powder: 
Coriander powder : 
Green chilli powder : 
Tamariand powder : 
Beet Root powder :

Best Regards 
Alpesh Valiya 

Whatsapp No : +91 8347475551
E - mail : info@asianfoodexport.com 
Website : www.asianfoodexport.com
YouTube Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQntOR5dR8w
Have A Nice Day

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Asian Food Export - Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, & Other VegetablesAsian Food Export is sourced of manufacture & exporter from origin point of Fresh, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic, Other Vegetables, and Seasonal Spices & Oily See

Asian Food Export 

We are manufacture of below products .

Tomato flakes :
Tomato powder : 
Available stock 

Note : please send me your inquiry private message 

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