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Swift GPI Transaction

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CCOG monthly allocation is €120M, after this lot next GPI transaction will be in a month time. 

1. You send us, CIS and account information to verify authenticity from our banks.

2. If verified authentic, we will send you the document of agreement for loans and joint venture patnership because this is the term on which we will dispense the funds.

3. On returning the signed document of agreement, you will be invoiced $9,800 for swift GPI interface and the inhouse bank Bulletproof IP.

4. Upon payment confirmation, account will be allocated transaction time within 24 hours for €50m release.

5. Reciever pays out within 48 hours 


There are no free swift GPI transactions, we pay all operators upfront, so only contact me if the above terms are workable.


WhatsApp +44 7832 182734

Email: Erlhard57@gmail.com 

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