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Creditor required for MT104

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Creditor required who can receive MT104 DDTR Request

 To clarify Confusion 

We are the debtor who will raise MT104 auto debit request and send to creditor bank by swift system 

Procedures ūüĎá

Debtor and creditor both Signed the contract

 Creditor instruct his bank to send MT199 to debtor bank 

debtor bank will reply to MT199 and prepare to send MT104 

Debtor bank after sending MT104 will provide a printed copy of swift MT104 to creditor 

Creditor bank after receiving MT104 , Immediately Debit Creditor Account and send MT103 Cash to debtor bank 

Creditor bank must provide Printed SWIFT copies of MT103 to debtor 

Debtor bank received MT103 cash and within 24 Hours Start making payments as per the Contract 

Then we move on to next tranche and follow the same procedure 

any interested creditor should contact me Asap with Contract 


whatsapp +919326059281

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      i have a direct direct  mt103 & mt104 receiver in the U.K. Lloyds of London 
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      The original funds were sent from one bank to another. Being very high amount, they were returned and remained in a cloud zone. And to download them again, codes were made, and for that reason it is called TRN, and therefore, it is no longer tied to any bank officer or bank.  if you can download it then I’ll give you all the codes . 
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      Sender must issue MT 199 first with POF.
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