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Shandong Yuncheng Valiant Co., Ltd.. (glass bottle)

Helen Fan

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Shandong Yuncheng Valiant Co., Ltd..

We han do sticker and caps.

We can produce 1000,000pcs every day! As i said, Yuncheng county is glass bottle and attachment production base. The bottle is more pure and transparent, smooth surface. And glass deep processing, full electricity decorating firing furnace, glass frosting, pate-surpate, outline in gold and glaze spraying, so you not only supplyproducts, but also one-stop shop service!

The damage rate and qualified rate will be influence ur purchase cost, we will pay more attention to this points to bottle packing and quality control. And the professional bottle tech. people and export sales person will supply best communication and shipping.

I will send u some photos of different brandy bottle. And with our catalog.  Of course, we accept to producing by ur design in mind or drawings or samples.


Thanks for your big support . And welcome to our factory in China.

Best regards.
Helen Fan

Shandong Yuncheng Valiant Co., Ltd..
Mobile phone: +86 (0) 188 1608 2288

TEL: +86 0530-6558538

FAX:+86 0530-6558538
Skype: lwrthg05

Msn: withwind84@live.cn
Web site: www.vitbottle.en.alibaba.com

Adds: Industrial Park ,Yuncheng county, shandong province ,China


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