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Viachaslav Zubko

Receiver mt 103/202 looking real senders

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Very easy steps to close and sign and execute any deal this way .  

1 -    Decide Total contract amount and Bank details  including  Tranches + Ratio

2 -    We will than prepare a contract on our Letterhead (this is the only way we sign as we have to follow EU Trust law),  both sides approve and sign contract  (can be signed electronically or Blue Ink )

Maybe we can sign also Sender contract - need to be approved by our attorney   Freshfield Brockhaus & Deringer

3 -    After signing contract the Sender will give exact time line when he will start with first Tranche by wire transfer - executed  by   SEPA (in Europe)  or   SWIFT 103/202  (or any other wire transfer in US) .    

Only if requested :  We are send an Official Letter to Sender with  "Blue Ink" Hand-Signature  and a short hand written comment confirming the Start from our side.

After  First Tranche is lodged successfully in the Receiving Account the Receiver will give full coordinates of the final Bank coordinates chosen by the Sender as  "Operation Receiving Bank".

5 -   First Transfer by SEPA or SWIFT 103/202   need to start  latest 36 hours  after  Contract is signed  + Confimration letter was send to Sender. Transfer is done from Sender Bank account to Receiver Bank account.      

+ We allow also  Bank to Bank  communication  - if requested by Investor !

6 -   Re-Payment Transfer via Wire Transfer / MT103/202  will be done from Receiver Bank account to requested Sender Bank account. (+ all Mandates) within    72 Banking Hours / 3 Banking Days     after amount is lodged after Banks Compliance into our account as clear + clean. 

Best regards

Viacheslav Zubko

Mandate Anton Groger Group



Skype id : skaype194

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