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Runming Tea Co.: high quality Chinese teas from tea farms: Long Jing, Dancong Oolong, Pu Er tea, Wuyi Oolong, Tie Guan Yin


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Blooming Tea

This Amber from Guangzhou Runming Tea Co., I'm writing yo you with keen hope to establish business relationship with your company.
We are professional blooming tea supplier, export a lot blooming tea to Germany, UK, France and EU countries monthly. We have strict blooming tea making process from separating the blooming material to technical vacuumed package.
Our advantage-
1) Our blooming tea is made by top grade silver needle (green tea, only buds) or maofeng (white tea, one bud with leaves), and hand-crafted with dry flowers (such as Lily, Chrysanthemum, Globeamaranth, Marigold). So we can guarantte high quality.
2) Different flower shape options, and customized unique flower shape service is available.
3) Different aroma, such as peach, mago, lychee, and so on. 
4) We offer small individual vacuum package service. All the small individual packages are done by our experienced packers with extremely attention.
5) Also, customized private stickers service is available, and we will help put in the package with our extremely care.
Thank you very much for your attention & look forward to hearing from you.
Best Wishes
Skype: amber_zhan
TEL: +86-20 374 175 00
        +86-20-364 560 01
FAX: +86-20-367 534 81
MB: +86 135 337 415 95
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5% off promotion - Guangzhou Runming Tea Co

Dear Client,
Hope you are doing well.
This is Amber from Guangzhou Runming Tea Co., I'm writing for sharing a good news with you, our company have anticipated Annual Sales Quota PK with other companies.
-Most of teas & teawares order can enjoy 5% off during competition (except for bamboo whisk & scoop)
-For bigger qty, I still can apply for most competitive price individually;
-Client just need to arrange 30% deposit before Dec 26, 2016.
If any interested into, pls let me know, I would like help prepare for you.
Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!
Best Wishes,     
Amber Zhan
GZ Runming Tea Co., Ltd                                                              
 Skype: amber_zhan        Email:amber.zhan@runmingtea.com 
 TEL: +86-20 374 175 00 
 MB:  +86 135 337 415 95
 WhatsApp: +86 135 337 415 95
 FAX: +86-20-367 534 81 
 Company Email: 
sales@runmingtea.com, runmingtea@gmail.com 
 We believe our service can help you save time and improve efficency.
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New Product - Flavored Matcha Powder + Breif Introduction

I'm writing for sharing new product with you, flavored matcha.
Flavored matcha, it is newly on sale in our company, each flavor MOQ is 10kg. Different flavor offer: strawberry, blueberry, peach, banana, mango, gauva, pineapple, lychee.
FYI, each flavor, it costs USD 3/KG extra for adding , food-grade flavor.
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