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    • By pops anderson
      I have a DTC,MT103,MT104,SEPA & PGI
       direct receiver in the U.K. 
      who`s banks are Lloyds of Lonon 
      and Natwest! ratio as follows
      60% sender  (pays you)
      30% receiver close
      10% me receiver side close 
      plz be direct  no nonsense b/s!
      plz contact  me via my whatsapp
      await your response  rgds,
      P.S. no broker chain  nonsense b/s!!!!
    • By akshay kumar
      Join this platform 
      Worldwide receivers and senderd
    • By Yuvraj Singh ZaildaR
      I need A Sender For International Global Pay. I have Pay Master in Gujarat. You can Take Trial of $5k First payout will be in 48 hours. If you are interested than contact me on whatsapp +919729865046
    • By Conrad X.
      I AM SERIOUS DIRECT RECEIVER with company accounts !!!
      We have current a available very good Direct Receivers in Europe (Poland) for International Cash Wire Bank Transfers (SWIFT in any currency ) and European bank transfers SEPA (SCT) in EUR.
      We looking for genuine Sender/Investor urgently - procedure KYC or None-KYC.
      Only Cash Wire Transfers = simple authorization = immediately feasible...
      No limit (bank account can receive any amount)... No hassles... No problems...
      We prefer receiving the small amounts first.
      First tranche max €/$ 49M.
      Sender can start as a test with smaller amount (minimum of €/$500k or to be agreed).
      Ratio % = to be agreed
      Guaranteed payout (MT103 wire transfer on EUR, USD or SEPA on EUR) within is max 72 hours (weekend not included ) after receivement cash wire transfer from the sender.
      Possible conversion to Bitcoins (BTC) and withdrawal within a max of 2 hours after receiving a cash transfer from the sender.
      Sender or his mandate send us the draft contract for DD, if all OK, receiver signs back and we can start at once. We don't issue account details upfront, only after signed draft contract from sender. Sender must be available 24/7 via email otherwise we are not interested in any deal !!!
      We only ask for fresh offers with real Sender's who have funds.
      I am NOT receiver financial instruments (MT103 +, IPIP, MT103 / 2020 MD and other), because 99%  are FAKE OFFERS.
      We don't make advance payments.
      Contact with the Receiver in English only via email
    • By pops anderson
      MT103/SEPA/GPI Senders are requested to contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734
      or email raoilandgas953@gmail.com
      plz be direct   if not don`t contact me
      my direct receiver is in the U.K.
      his banks are as follows
      Natwest & Lloyds of London
      his ratio as follows 
      60% sender (pays intermediaries)
      30% receiver close
      10% me ( Richard )receiver side close
      plz be serious for we haven`t no time 
      for brokers time wasting nonsense 
      garbage period!
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