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I Have Strong and Capable receivers for MT103, Wire, TT KYC and Non KYC

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I have strong and reliable receivers for MT103, Wire, TT in both Europe and Dubai. Anyone with a performing sender, please message me on WhatsApp with +2348082689101. 

2 Receiver also available for IPIP in Europe. 

2 Receivers available for IPIP, IPID AND DTC in Hong Kong. 

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    • By Jes
      Hello guys,
      We have those kind of transfer history ever. Our condition always do Due Diligence for sender first.
      But if we can deal, we won't failed transaction as my guarantees. 
      Feel free to send me Email with contract, we have huge network and can pick only genuine sender.
      Have a good day.
    • By AJC
      ONLY IPIP Receiver needed.
      Sender's account is in UK .
      he wants to do a IPIP transfer .
      Daily 200m£ And clearance has to be made everyday. 
      He wants 50% payback 
      50% Swift back to presented accounts cross the globe 
      5% commission me and receiver side 
      30% receiver 
      Please contact me through : ericsolada@outlook.com
      Or reply here with your number so i can contact you , thanks .
    • By Khang Nguyen
      Can receive IPIP, 103/202MD, FTP special download, Bank to Bank. Not waste time both sides.
      Contact for details: tcartw@tutanota.com
    • By pops anderson
      i`m looking for new senders that has just recently joined this site not the sameold shoppers who`s been on here for months !! for i`m direct to a new  receiver in the u.k. who has accts with BARCLAYS & HSBC  BANKS
      for IPIP /MT103/202 / ALLIANCE LITE2
      ratio as follows 
      45% sender
      5% sender side commission 
      45% receiver
      5% me (Richard) receiver side commission
      plz respond only to my
      email  raoilandgas953@gmail.com  
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