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I Have Strong and Capable receivers for MT103, Wire, TT KYC and Non KYC

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I have strong and reliable receivers for MT103, Wire, TT in both Europe and Dubai. Anyone with a performing sender, please message me on WhatsApp with +2348082689101. 

2 Receiver also available for IPIP in Europe. 

2 Receivers available for IPIP, IPID AND DTC in Hong Kong. 

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    • By james linn
      I have a genuine sender.
      Only direct to receiver No long broker chain.

      Plz Whatsapp me with CIS
      (no CIS don't bother)

      Email: jameslinnbkk@gmail.com
    • By Johnny
      I need a DIRECT IPIP Receiver 
      No brokers and people connected to mandate 
      You must be receiver or authorized mandate of receiver 
      This deal is very serious 
      I am not a fucking broker or middleman 
      I have a sending performing history 
      Mt199 will be given if requested before or after transfer 
      Contact me on WhatsApp 
      +1 (661) 403-4149
    • By Munta
      Any real serious receiver for mt103 alliance lite2 manual download with cis,please contact me ASAP 
    • By AJC
      Hi Everyone
      Sender's account is in UK .
      he wants to do a IPIP IPID 103 transfer .
      Daily 100m£ And clearance has to be made everyday. 
      He wants 75% payback 
      50% Swift back to presented accounts cross the globe 
      25% bitcoin 
      5% commission me and receiver side 
      20% receiver 
      Please contact me through : ericsolada@outlook.com
      Or reply here with your number so i can contact you , thanks .
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