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 Available SEPA direct debit receivers ac ,ING bank Netherlands . Only direct sender or his mandate contact me 
Whatsapp +91 6369 429 134

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    • By Viachaslav Zubko
      Ref.  SEPA Direct Debit Settlement - 2019/2020
        --------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------------
        Dear ladies and gentlemen

        how are you today?
        Now we offer SEPA Download - we started Oktober 02. 2019.

        Today we can offer Direct Debit beside our most used protocols to receive Swift MT103.202, Swift GPI, SEPA WIRE we can now also allow a DIRECT DOWNLOAD from all SEPA BANK ACCOUNTS.

        When we know the Bank Account Details and holder REAL NAME: than we can do a kind of Sepa Direct Debit via our Payment-System.
        Important is that:

        1. Account holder name is the real account holder

        2. Amounts are free to download

        3. Bank is informed

        4. Bank account must be loaded by real CASH assets at minimum 3 bank days before the download take place.

        5. Мы начинаем с 2х траншей в
        1.День 5.000 евро + 12.500 евро 2.День 50.000 + 125.000 3.День 350.000 + 450.000 + 550.000
        4.День 450.000 + 550.000 + 580.000 + 800.000 и т. Д.

        позже до 27,5 мельниц в день

        Мы работаем без кодов, так как считаем их CLEAR SEPA Direct Download без кодов по расчетам в банке и т. Д.
        Это загрузка для «счетов-фактур» означает в отношении Ratio:

        Отправитель 48% + S-мандат 2,25% + Получатель 34% + R-мандат 2,25% + 13,5% Сборы и налоги
      WhatsApp +380503256541
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