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Required English and Science teachers in High schools and Colleges in Fujian

Nikolay 米克拉

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Required English and Science teachers in High schools and Colleges in Fujian

Required English teachers (Salary 8000rmb. (1200usd.) monthly) and Science teachers  (Salary 10000rmb.(1500usd.) monthly) to High schools and Colleges in Fujian province. 
White European appearance non-natives are acceptable as well as Any appearance native speakers from US or British Commonwealth countries.
Low workload (12-16hrs/week), well furnished accommodation is provided as well as work visa, medical insurance, travel expenses refund. Two month winter holiday pay (100% of salary), 5500rmb. bonus and up to 8000rmb.round-trip ticket after contract completion. 
Low pressure. Sane, really friendly administration. Good treatment is guaranteed.
Work in High schools and Colleges in quiet and beautiful Fujian low-cost provincial towns. There are coastal towns or not far from the sea. 
If you're interested, please send me your Resume, and brief self-introductory Video for 2-3mins. 
Wechat robokot14
Skype robokot14

Кроме того, предлагаю обменяться группами по преподавательской работе в Китае.
Furthermore, I offer to exchange teaching job related groups.

Также, подскажите, пожалуйста, как отправить сообщение сразу всем моим контактам в вичате.
Also, tell me, please, how to send a message to all my wechat contacts at once?

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