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Quanzhou Liushi (concrete block machine)

Rosy Chen

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Quanzhou Liushi (concrete block machine)
Good day,my dear friend. How is your busines going on for 2016,do you have new concrete block machine purchase plan? Hope all is well for you and your company. We will attend Concrete show India 2016,we warmly welcome you to visit our boothA20 number five hall if you could visit this show.
Fair:  Concrete show India 2016
Scheduled date:  From 19-21 May 2016
Booth number: A20,number five hall at Bombay Convention and Exhibition  Center,Mumbai,India. 
We are expecting to see at fair. Take care,have a nice day.  readmsg?id=14610364930000000008;0;0;1&moreadmsg?id=14610364930000000008;0;0;2&moreadmsg?id=14610364930000000008;0;0;3&mo

Thanks and best regards,

Rosy Chen

Quanzhou    City    Liushi    Machinery    Co.,    Ltd

ADD:    Houtian  industrial  area,   Fengzhou  town,   Nanan  Quanzhou

TEL: 86-595 86787229                    

Fax: 86-595 28051339

Mobile: 86-15985860381 ( webchat and whatsapp )

E-mail:  machinesale@qzliushi.com               

Skype:  fujiansales             

Alibaba trade manager:  cn1513454255

Linkin:   646889841@qq.com

Contact:  Ms Rosy Chen

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