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Hello my sender is looking for the direct receiver mandate of the below listed IPIP companies

Indonesia 🇮🇩 

IBAA Fund Ltd. 
Hong Kong Jing Yang investment. 
Union Access MNZ

Equity Capital Ventures Uk🇬🇧 
Venupalon unipasoala Portugal 🇵🇹 

And many other receivers in Thailand, canada, Indonesia, Hong Kong etc. If you are direct mandate to any IPIP receiver write me, and we'll go through our files to kmow if we have any pending transactions with your receiver. 

We have over 800 screens of uncompleted transactions, you must prove that you are direct to the receiver or I'll exercise the right to block you. 

We are also looking for IPIP receivers for new uploads, we have strict conditions to be met to prove you are direct to the receiver, we don't wanna leave transactions uncompleted anymore.

Please whatsapp me with +2348082689101

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Guest Cory

I need to who receiver for IPIP mandate or original receiver please, Thanks

Skype: kuroshbehbahani 

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    • By pops anderson
      i`m looking for new senders that has just recently joined this site not the sameold shoppers who`s been on here for months !! for i`m direct to a new  receiver in the u.k. who has accts with BARCLAYS & HSBC  BANKS
      for IPIP /MT103/202 / ALLIANCE LITE2
      ratio as follows 
      45% sender
      5% sender side commission 
      45% receiver
      5% me (Richard) receiver side commission
      plz respond only to my
      email  raoilandgas953@gmail.com  
    • By Davidtran
      If you are looking for a Goverment account receiver of MT103/202, MT103/202 Manual Download, IPIP. 
      You're tired of working hard and your money is still stuck. Please contact me at danvid.tran99 at gmail dot com.
      Best regards 
    • By pops anderson
      pi`m direct to a western union receiver from dubai and a canadian receiver so plz send me your sender email via my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com for the  following  money transfer transactions and i will send you the cis 
      receiver purpose  ratio
      45% sender + 5% you intermediaries
      45% receiver 
      5% me (Richard) close
      alliance lit 2
      be direct plz to your sender for we  won`t  be involved in a daisy chain of brokers ,they never close just endless emails  so not going to happen !! thanks  rgds,
    • By Johnny
      I need a DIRECT IPIP Receiver 
      No brokers and people connected to mandate 
      You must be receiver or authorized mandate of receiver 
      This deal is very serious 
      I am not a fucking broker or middleman 
      I have a sending performing history 
      Mt199 will be given if requested before or after transfer 
      Contact me on WhatsApp 
      +1 (661) 403-4149
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