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Investment Opportunity For Your Business

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We are seeking collaborations with good entrepreneurs and business persons that are willing to present profitable and secured investment projects that require funding in any country around the world.
We want to work with reputable project/general business facilitators who possesses very cogent business ideas for either start-ups or running ventures that may require a financial boost. We are interested in investing and partnering a business with an assurance of the security of funds. Although a benchmark with a Return on Investment of 3% per annul over a minimum of 10 years is what we are looking at achieving for the moment, but that can be adjusted because what we really give attention to is the security of the funds.

Sectors like the hospitality, oil and gas, agriculture, health, engineering, tourism, real estate, manufacturing, arts, and other resourceful ventures of business are the areas of focus for investment. We would also consider new innovations with good indexes.

If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects please contact me via email for more information.          
Email:  wmdavid02@aol.com


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