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CIES,Investment Immigration,Investment visa

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CIES,Investment Immigration,Investment visa

Mitsuba International Limited (your one-stop professional and synergistic corporate services partner) thanks for your enquiry email via Alibaba.com.

I would like to reply you with the following.



-      For business visa invitation, sure you can be invited or use your HK company to invite your partner, staff, family members to visit HK, by applying tourist visa, business visit visa, or investment visa. Or directly apply visa + HK ID card by applying CIES.


-      Hong Kong Financial Secretary announces to use the Exchange Fund to guarantee the repayment of ALL customer deposits held with ALL Authorized Institutions in Hong Kong following the principles of the existing Deposit Protection Scheme, including Restricted-Licence Banks and Deposit-Taking Companies as well as Licensed Banks. The guarantee applies to both Hong Kong Dollar and Foreign Currency deposits until the end of 2014.


-      You can use your HK company to deal with International business, as well as managing your Investment business. Current Hong Kong Profits Tax Rate is 16.5% for Limited Company, and 15% for Sole Proprietor. Tax Free for offshore business transaction profits (subject to HK IRDs finalization).


-      Local Director is not necessary. Director can act as Shareholder in the same limited company.


-      Further, HK banks do not have Foreign Currency Exchange Control, no Remittance Control, that freedom to remit foreign currency in/out HK without bank transaction tax; also, interests earned is not subject to tax!


-      Employee Insurance is required under Hong Kong Employees Compensation Ordinance. Please note that Employee means a companys director, manager, principal officer, staff, and worker including full-time and part-time. My company is able to arrange discounted price for insurance policy to your employees.


-      All of our ready-make companies all no legal liability. We will issue a certification letter of no business up to the date of hand-over to our clients.


-      Sometimes, some of our shelf companies come with existing bank account (dormant); but purchasing these shelf companies needs additional cost and service fees.



Now we just briefly introduce ourselves:


1.    STRENGTH - Indeed we have fruitful experience in dealing with offshore cases and now we have over 36 countries client network worldwide. Unlike those virtual firms or traditional accounting firms just dealing only with book-keeping and simply tax calculations, we not only provide these basic services, but also provide various insurance (personal, healthcare, capital guarantee savings, and/or cargo), MPF scheme (Mandatory), and investment arrangement in one-stop professional and synergistic wayto assist international smart entrepreneurs to form legal entity in HK as well as to discuss their reasonable tax benefits in Hong Kong.


2.    TRUST - Further, unlike other firms having a variety of charges / service fee items, our charges are always reasonable and fair, as well as trust. We aim to get close contact with HK IRD and CR for first hand information flow. We are able to arrange HSBC Hong Kong Head Office, and/or DBS Hong Kong Head Office, and/or Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Head Office, and/or Hang Seng Bank Head Office for your smooth bank account opening (business and/or personal bank account opening), if you use our premium package of company formation.


3.    HK IRD - Those virtual business center firms are lack of advanced taxation skill and legal practices. Please note that, poor tax calculation or failing to file necessary legal documentations may result in INVESTIGATION / Field Audit / Rejection by Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (HK IRD).


4.    PAY AGAIN? - If your company is investigated by HK IRD because of using those other consulting firms, they would then charge you another service fees to settle the issue. That is, you pay again and again to those Virtual Office Business Center Firms. In addition, those firms would charge you service fee when receiving any Bank and Private Letter / Parcels by using their registered office address service.


5.    OUR SERVICE FEES - Lets discuss our service charges for company formation as per attachments. We warmly recommend our premium package specially designed for and fit to our foreign customers. Please note that our fees are reasonable and efficient. Unlike those other traditional consulting firm having a variety of sundry item fees afterwards; we dont have hidden fee or sub-item charges. Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have question or find difficulty in our quotation.



A    Formation Time -


1 Working Day for Sole Proprietor Company

1 ~ 5 Working Days for Limited Company

1 ~ 2 Working Days for Shelf / Ready-made Limited Company



B    Bank Account Opening Document - Bank Account Opening should be done AFTER the whole company formation process is completed. We would handle all necessary documents for you; you need to prepare the following to present it to banker manager:


(i)    Director(s) Passport in ORIGINAL;

(ii)    Director(s) Residential Address Approval Document in ORIGINAL (e.g. Water Bill, Telephone Bill, OR other Bank Statements, etc. in Director(s) name); and

(iii)  Business Proof in ORIGINAL (e.g. Business Plan, Invoice, Bill, OR License, etc.)


You of course can control your own bank account via the Internet and by phone. It is no transaction fee and no transaction tax charged by any bank in Hong Kong. Bank will need 1 ~ 5 Days to activate your new bank account, after received necessary documents.



C    Offshore Transaction -


Referring to Offshore Tax criteria, anyone / any company deriving profits outside Hong Kong is not subject to Profits Tax (always subject to HKIRDs finalization). For example, your HK company using a HK bank account to deal with trading business:


You do not have office / establishment in HK,

You do not have sales / marketing / promotion staff in HK,

You approach the suppliers and customers outside HK,

You sign the contract / invoice outside HK,

The services / products provided by suppliers are outside HK,

The services / products users / destination are outside HK,

The products forwarding route is not mainly via HK,


Even you have back-up staff in HK for doing backup business purpose (accounting, communication, but not for marketing, selling), this business transaction is not subject to Hong Kong Profits Tax, that is you do not need to pay Profits Tax for the profits derived from this business transaction.


For satisfying the criteria of Offshore Transaction, IRD will ask for some approval, e.g. your air tickets to certify your schedule not in HK; Some of your suppliers / customers details to certify they are not in HK; Auditors reports; and Tax Representatives profile, etc. (Dipn. 21)



D    Other Services - Except for Company Formation, Company Secretarial, Accounting, Taxation, and Tax Planning Services, we offer other value-added services to our clients with attractable services fees. These services include:


1.        Merchant Bank Account Opening Arrangement,

2.        Hong Kong Investment Immigration Arrangement,

3.        Various insurance arrangement,

4.        Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme arrangement,

5.        Investment-linked Information,

6.        Property Investment management,

7.        Certificate of Origin application (China and Hong Kong),

8.        Import / Export License Application,

9.        Custom Declaration (Hong Kong),

10.      Products Inspection and Stocktaking,

11.      Factory Site Check,

12.      Marketing Research,

13.      Technical Translation,

14.      Company / Factory Particulars Research,

15.      Products / Services Promotion,

16.      Freight Forwarding and Consolidated Shipment Arrangement,

17.      HK, China, Taiwan Visa Application,

18.      Website Design and Web Package,

19.      Tailor-make Programming and I.T. Solutions,

20.      Notary Stickers Labels and Bar Code Solutions,

21.      Trademark Registration,

22.      Accounting Staff Recruitment,

and more


Finally, I hope the above-said is clear. If you find enquiry or any unclear point, please feel free to let us know. Thanks, we are looking forward to your reply and your proposed HK company name (as we need to conduct Co. Name Search in advance for you).


Yours truly,


T. H. Poon Terry

Assistant Vice President

Mitsuba International Limited

(Corporate Services Partner - www.mitsuba.com.hk)



Service Fees - HK Co. Formation (client).pdf134 КБ
Application Form - HK Limited Co. Formation.doc92 КБ
Example Rundown - HK Limited Company.pdf78 КБ


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