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We are the Receiver for Wire Transfer, IPIP, MT103, 203 and DTC

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We are the receiver for

wire transfer 50%-50%

KYC and Non KYC Transaction

Ipip, mt103,202,DTC - ratio negotiable

Bank Capability is up to 10B - 100B.

Location : Indonesia and Brunei.

Contact WhatsApp : +91 77806 72462.

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    • By pops anderson
      i need a real ipip,alliance and mt103/202 receiver again i say i need a real receiver !i have placed this before and i thought that i had found a couple but totally b/s to say the least !i need a real receiver ,not a lot of talk ,email,what have you but communicate with me and do what you say you can do is all that we all on here are looking for period,least that``s what i`m looking for!!to be fair there are a whoe lot of fake b/s wnat to be senders out here and and all are using DB and german sender compnies these are 95% fake ipip senders,mqybe not all but the ones that were sent to me were all fake ! plz if you have a real direct receiver  or you are one plz only reply to my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com only!this wasn`t  posted to tick anybody off i`m just  telling the truth because i beleive that there are a few real senders/receivers  out there and and all that it takes is one  ok! if this isn`t for you plz not reply with your negative comments plz keep them to yourself as i didn`t nor would i ever mention  a person out right on here unless  total fraud has been committed !plz last  requesr appeal i need a real targeted (negotiable)ratio  50% sender /45% receiver /5% my receiver side commission ratio real receiver
    • By 苏磊
      Hello, I am the receiver team agent, if you have (TT, MT103/202, GPI,ipip-ipid, DTC, AL2....) sender, please tell me, looking forward to cooperating with you, thank you....my whatsapp:+8613615562292
    • By Jes
      Hello guys,
      We have those kind of transfer history ever. Our condition always do Due Diligence for sender first.
      But if we can deal, we won't failed transaction as my guarantees. 
      Feel free to send me Email with contract, we have huge network and can pick only genuine sender.
      Have a good day.
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