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we do not use whats app nor telegramm

1.easiest way to continue is if you are loading any card , as our cards are related to bank account and we can debit by transfer or bank wire or payment to exchange

1.1.performing  offline is hardly working out , in particular when we have to open doors first or you ask for payment slip .

2.we have channel in egypt to continue , i will ask if they arrange something and to which conditions

also tell pls how quick you can act in loading  and disbursement

we can do a test transaction first of about 1.000.000 USD equivalent


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5 minutes ago, Garbo Bentley said:

we need your skype

or email


to send you files



we also need kind of blackscreen from any actual loading you have done


for the first test we recommend that you get card number an details of egypt pos holder




1. I am prefered whatsapp

2. I will not loading 1 000 000$ it's stupid idea

3. Send me today's video and slips of your pos and i will load with less amount

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On 2/15/2020 at 4:36 AM, Alex Foster said:

I am loader. Needed POS terminals. 

1)  Completion / Sale completion / Auth Completion/ Pre Auth Completion - 6 Digit Auth Code
2) Forced Sale / Forced Post/ Force - 6 Digit Auth Code
3) Offline / Offline sale - 6 Digit Auth Code
4) Ticket Only - 6 Digit Auth Code
5) Voice auth/ Voice Authorization - 6 Digit Auth Code
6) Compra - 6 Digit Auth Code
7) Purchase advice - 6 Digit Auth Code
😎 Phone Order - 6 Digit Auth Code
9) Pre Auth + Completion 2 Step (1:10 1:100 1:1000 1:Unlimited) 
10) Virtual POS - 6 Digit Auth Code ( Like Authorize. Net)

Contact me if you can provide recent video and slips.

Whatsapp: +375295956831

Telegram: @moiseyyy

We have the machine... pls send ur account proof .. we ready to work immediately... pls conduct 


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