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Need a/c starts whose a/c no. Starts with 934

Sachin lakhanpal

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    • By halil sahan
      Hi Friends,
      I am a mandate of a Manat Seller. We have 400m Cash in Ashgabat and 100B TMT in Bank. We accept cryptocurrency especially USDT-TRC20/ER20. 
      İf you interest of purchase please just email me(sahanhalil@gmail.com). We have an Office in Istanbul and Germany. Payout locations will be Turkey and Germany. For All payment options, We want to finish transaction maximum in 24 hours. We want that buyer need a responsible person in Ashgabat. We will go to bank together and representative will see the Documents of transaction and deposit of the Account. We can meet face to face in Istanbul.
      1- LOI specifying the exact desired Manat amount, confirming the Net and Gross prices and the distribution of the commission announced
      2- CIS and Passaport and 934 Account to check if the account is operational and that it is not blacklisted by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan
      After that we will send you a contract.
      Best Regards,
    • By Managed Buy-Sell
      Looking for real and legal owner of TMT New Turkmenistan Manats having the funds in a 934 account.
      Interested to purchase up to 10B in several tranches.
      Bank to Bank transaction preferred.
      A real seller shall be able to provide:
      Bank statement of Manat account (bank, city, country)
      Ability to transfer the Manats, test tranche of TMT 10 000 is requested
      Information where to receive the € (bank, city, country)
      Exchange rate in TMT-€ he accepts.
      Thank you
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