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I need a DIRECT IPIP Receiver 

No brokers and people connected to mandate 

You must be receiver or authorized mandate of receiver 

This deal is very serious 

I am not a fucking broker or middleman 

I have a sending performing history 

Mt199 will be given if requested before or after transfer 

Contact me on WhatsApp 

+1 (661) 403-4149

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johnny ,i have the  mandate cis and  bank letter

plz send me your email asap

yes we too don`t deal with these same old tired jokers

want to be brokers ,recylcelers they are!!!!!!! 

if you have a real senders then plz send me a email

and i will get you what you will need to close 

last ratio as follows 

sender 45% +  5% sender mandate,intermediaries 

receiver 45%  + 5% me(Richard)  close

await your email plz rgds,


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As long as you provide the following documents; 

- Registered Company extract from Registrar 
-Signed & Dated funds check slip (POF) by Bank Officer

Then Yes this can be done easy

What is your ratio. 

Contact me on jsthamid@gmail.com

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Guest Lady Jo

Hi Johnny

I have receivers in various countries.

Please contact me via pm

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