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RWIMPEX: the best price on foodstuffs for an export from Ukraine in Azerbaijan.

AZ RW Impex

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RWIMPEX: the best price on foodstuffs for an export from Ukraine in Azerbaijan.


RW was founded in 1999 as small office with 5 employees. Today RW IMPEX is a multimodal agribusiness trading company with its offices located in Edinburgh, Kiev and Baku. We provide a fresh approach to delivering the highest quality products to our global client base, at competitive prices. Our farms and facilities in the Ukraine surpass rigorous European Union Safety Standards and our production is certified Halal, which means we can serve a variety of client needs. We have an international presence through our Edinburgh and Baku offices, where our experienced teams are based


Our products for an export

Frozen chicken

We hold specialization in offering Frozen Chicken that is fresh & hygienic. We supply Frozen Chicken and Frozen Chicken Parts like legs and breast to various clients across the globe. We provide the Frozen Chicken in proper packaging to retain the freshness for longer time. We offer the premium quality Frozen Chicken at lowest price.

Meat canning products

 When it comes to Canned Meat and Poultry Products, Rwimex is a Ukraine. Market leader in canned chicken and beef. Our canned, fully-cooked, flavorful, and versatile, chicken and beef products exceed standards for food quality and safety, as well as consumer standards for taste and texture. We can do that many do not can.Expiration date 3 уеаr.


Rwimpex has a sophisticated meat industry that produces outstanding, pasture-fed and naturally raised meat. The products are tender, flavoursome, healthy and customised for clients around the world.

Rwimpex  has an almost exclusively free-range grass feed production system producing tender, appetising and healthy products


 We use only the best golden Ukrainian wheat that grows in the fertile black soilsof our farm.We grind the perfect harvest that has never been genetically modified; only nature pollinates our wheat producing the high quality flour that our customers expect.


 Our sunflower oil is 100% pure and unadulterated. Our sunflower oil has many health benefits from maintaining balance in the body through positive fatty acids and it's high antioxidant content. The crop and our product is always GMO free.



- All of our products are certified with Halal

- All of our products are certified according to EU standard

- Our frozen chicken is only slaughtered to order, and have a minimum of 12 months’ shelf life (frozen);

- Canned food comes with exceptionally quality with uncompromised customer service;

- Best walnut from fertile earth of Ukraine;

- Beef of irreplaceable quality, grown on pastures and reared on green ploughs;

- Our sunflower oil is 100% pure and unadulterated. The crop and our product is always GMO free;

- We are proud of our sweet Beet Sugar;

- Our flour is cultivated to the very highest in EU standards and regulations. We care about the environment and operate water saving and air protection policies to the very highest of levels.

Best regards,


Azerbayjan,Baku,Djafar Djabbarli 44

tel./fax.: +99450 354 20 20 ( AZERBAYJAN)

Viber/WhatsApp: +38 097 012 67 17

skype: uaexport888





UK: 16/5, West Pilton Rise, Edinburgh, EH4UQ;

Ukraine: 3 Vosduchoflotskiy Av., Kiev 01042

Azerbaijan, Az1065,Baku, Djafar Djabbarli, 44


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