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RWIMPEX: the best price on of the canned products of for an export from Ukraine.


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RWIMPEX: the best price on of the canned products of for an export from Ukraine.


Dear Partners,

Consider our commercial suggestion on our plant, on the production of canning meal. Our the best technologists, ready to make any products from the best Ukrainian products that correspond to the best standards.



  RW was founded in 1999 as small office with 5 employees. Today RW IMPEX is a multimodal agribusiness trading company with its offices located in Edinburgh, Kiev and Baku. We provide a fresh approach to delivering the highest quality products to our global client base, at competitive prices. Our farms and facilities in the Ukraine surpass rigorous European Union Safety Standards and our production is certified Halal, which means we can serve a variety of client needs. We have an international presence through our Edinburgh and Baku offices, where our experienced teams are based


Our canning facility is truly state-of-the-art, offering virtually unlimited opportunities while assuring a quality and safety standard that sets us apart from all other canning plants. In partnership with our customers, we have a shared vision for the future. We have the versatility to run can sizes from 300 gramm to 525 ogramm and the flexible capacity to produce for leading food brands as well as private label accounts, club stores and the foodservice industry. We are the global leader in canned chicken, turkey, ham, pork and beef production.


Driven by our long-standing commitment to innovation, we maintain ultramodern facilities equipped with the latest technology.

Our canning process in action includes:

  • An automatic de-palletizer
  • Weight scales before and after marination to ensure each batch is to exact formulation
  • Our retorts are the latest in pressure-cooking technology
  • Three automated packaging lines, running simultaneously, programmed to keep pace with our canning speed
  • The ability to apply labels in just fractions of a second
  • An automatic palletizer designed to handle any configuration, allowing cases to stack gently to avoid any damage



 Quality assurance and value are Rwimpex benchmarks and constant improvement defines our culture and the foods we produce. Our investment in  the manufacturing process, from equipment to training allows us to make sure quality and safety are our stock in trade.

 Our vision of the future led us to develop a plant that represents the state-of-the-industry in food safety.

 We closely monitor every production run in our food canning factory to make sure we meet product specifications and quality control goals. We have instituted industry leading processes and practices providing invaluable statistical information to ensure food safety. We conduct quality and efficiency focused training programs with our operations teams to ensure quality is the focus.

Best regards,


 Ukraine, Kiev, Povitroflotskyi avenue 3,

tel./fax.: +38 044 248-08-02

Viber/WhatsApp: +38 095 726-17-77

skype: uaexport888

e-mail: ua.rwimpex@gmail.com




UK: 16/5, West Pilton Rise, Edinburgh, EH4UQ;

Ukraine: 3 Vosduchoflotskiy Av., Kiev 01042

Azerbaijan, Az1065,Baku, Djafar Djabbarli, 44


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