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On 3/18/2020 at 2:21 AM, Guest377749 said:

We can receive and cashout, minimum 5000$. Ratio is 50/50 

Cotact us +995599377749 Whatsapp Business

plz i have a   2T ipip deal from a sender of mine  !plz send me your eail to my email which is  raoilandgas953@gmail.com 

plz let`s work together and close this one and i have another 50B await your urgent reply rgds,Richard(Pops)

my skype is pops anderson plz send me a skype ok


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    • By Mike D.
      Hi gents,
      I'm a direct receiver (0 intermediaries) for fresh SWIFT - B2B transactions only.
      - 1 company in Dubai, high yearly turnover and history with Mashreq Bank.
      - 1 company in UK with an account in HSBC London, high turnover also.
      I put cash on table against swift, if needed, and can deliver cash in Europe easily.
      For any inquiry, only for serious people - please don't hesitate to contact me.
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      We are looking for Receiver with Corporate Account in Monaco
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    • By Guest377749
      Conatct us +995599377749 Whattsapp Business
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      Mirya Trading Sender for IPIP looking for the Receiver Sawang Pattana Inter Group Co.Ltd for payout. Volume 25b recent transaction happened with Receiver. We want someone with CIS and connection with Receiver direct or indirect, but must have genuine line of Connection with Receiver. 
      This is one week work .  Please come with cis if you know Receiver. Will give slips blue black and yellow along with sender side CIS for bank endorsed PGL.
      Please make sure before you proceed.
      Skype: sujaysaan@outlook.com
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