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food addtitives and ingredients on sale--FOODCHEM top 5 supplier from China

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food addtitives and ingredients on sale--FOODCHEM top 5 supplier from China

How are you?
At this fruitful season, hope you are enjoying fruitful life.
This is Ivy Huang from Foodchem Internation Coporation.
We are one of the top 5 supplier from China and I am pleased to be your service from now on.

Following is our products with competitive price on sale for this week.

Kindly note that after finishing these stock, we shall close this promotion price for the following products.
Can you check whether you have any interests?
If not, may I know what you need ?

More supports:

we can support mixed container and LCL shippment.
We can also consider delay payment for you as our business is develops.

MSG 99%                       25KG/BAG         22MT/20FT        1.065USD/KG FOBTianjin
PSG                               25KG/BAG          22MT/20FT       2.75USD/KG FOBShanghai
Agar  900cps                 25KG/BAG             5mt              13.5 USD/KG FOBShanghai
Methol Crystal             30KG/CTN             5MT                  17.2USD/KG FOBShanghai
Sodium Ascorbate      30KG/CTN             4.5MT               3.35USD/KG FOBShanghai 
Vanillin                      25KG/DRUM        22MT/20FT        8.95 USD/KG FOBShanghai 

STPP food grade        25KG/BAG            23mt /20FT        0.85 USD/KG FOBWuhan
SAPP food grade      
 25KG/Kraft Bag     25mt /20FT        1.03 USD/KG FOBShanghai
Vital Wheat Gluten   25KG/BAG            22mt /20FT         1.46USD/KG FOBShanghai
L-Glutamine            25KG/DRUM        11.25mt /20FT     5.2USD/KG FOBShanghai
Calcium Propinate    25KG/BAG           18mt /20FT           1.2USD/KG FOBQingdao
Sodium Cyclamate  
 25KG/BAG          20mt /20FT           1.34USD/KG FOBShanghai
25KG/DRUM       13.5mt /20FT      9.75USD/KG FOBShanghai
Sucralose               25KG/DRUM       2mt                      67.8USD/KG FOBShanghai
Payment terms: 30% deposit and balance against copy bill of lading
Delivery date: 2-3 weeks
Valid date: 3-5days

Best regards,
Ivy Huang

Foodchem Building , 2277 Zuchongzhi Road, 
Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Shanghai, 201203, China
Tel: +86-21-3126 7000 Ext.: 264
Mobile: +86 13606735127
+86 13606735127
Fax: +86-21-5876 8440
E-mail:  sales64@foodchem.cn 
Skype: foodchemsales64
Website:   Http://www.foodchem.cn  (In English)
http://es.foodchem.cn  (In Spanish)
http://ru.foodchem.cn  (In Russian)

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