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Herbal Extracts & Dietary supplements


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Herbal Extracts & Dietary supplements

We,Risun Ingredients Limited,are specialized in the research & development & manufacture of Herbal Extracts & Dietary supplements for human’s health.

Being a market-oriented manufacturer, Risun fully employs abundant natural resources and produces more than 30 botanical extracts.

Moreover,we have also developed our production lines to dietary supplements:Softgel Capsules, Tablets. and Hard Capsules. 
Our plant is one of largest factories in China producing softgel & tablets & hard capsules.  It is a GMP approvel & ISO certificated factory. 
With the accomplishment of this project, we can provide our customers with not only quality crude materials, but also a one-stop service of providing crude materials, finished products, packaging and export.

Now,we would list our current product list for your reference,pls check to receive them.

If you are interested in any of them,pls no hesitate to inform us.

Have a nice day!

Kind Rgs


Risun Ingredients Limited 
Addr:Rm202,NO17,BLVD,5688,LongWu Road,Shanghai,200241,China. 

TEL:86-21-34635381,33587088. FAX:86-21-34635382,33587086 


                        RISUN INGREDIENTS 

Herbal Extracts

5-HTP 99% HPLC

Beta carotene 20%,30% TAB

Beta carotene 30% Oil

Bilberry Extract

Citrus Aurantium Extract 10%~98% Synephrine 

Flax Seed Extract SDG 20% ~ 40%HPLC

Green Tea P.E.50%-95% EGCG HPLC

Ginger Extract Gingerols

Curcumin 95% HPLC

Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24/6,

Grape seed Extract.95% Proanthocyanidins UV

Huperzine A

Lutein 10%,20% HPLC 
Lycopene 10%,20% HPLC

Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin 80% UV

Pine bark P.E. 90%, 95% Proanthocyanidins UV

Pomegranate P.E. 40% Ellagic acid UV

Epimedium Extract


Rhodiola Extract

Stevia Extract 20%-97% Reb-A HPLC----Hot

White Kidney Bean Extract Alpha-amylase inhibitor2500IU/g



Soft gels:


Apple cider vinegar soft gel

CLA soft gel

Coenzyme Q10 soft gel

Evening primrose Oil soft gel

Flaxseed Oil soft gel

Garlic Oil softgel

Lecithin softgel

Liquid calcium soft gel

Multi-vitamine soft gel

Omega 369 soft gel


Fish Oil soft gel series

EPA 18% & DHA 12%

EPA 21% & DHA 15%

EPA 50% & DHA 20%

EPA 40% & DHA 20%

EPA 30% & DHA 20%


Complexed soft gel based on your formulas




VC tablet

Ca+Mg tablet

Oxide Zinc tablet

Multi-vitamines tablet

VC effervescent tablet 1000mg/tab

VC+Ca effervescent tablet

Complexed tablet based on your own formulas.


Hard capsules:


Green Tea capsule

Silymarine capsule

complexed capsules based on your own formulas 

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