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looking for 1-2 digital artists to help me create a series of children's books for an English school


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I'm starting a project and am looking for 1-2 digital artists to help me create a series of children's books for an English school opening next year. I'm an American and will be drawing by hand the majority of the books. I need help digitizing, coloring and finishing each page. It will be full time work into the fall at least. We don't have a school location yet so for a few months we will be working as a small team in coffee shops, it will be a very easy going creative environment. Salary is 8,000RMB a month. We will do a short trial run for a few days to see how you work. Currently I live in the XuHui district of Shanghai so in the beginning we will work close to there and the French concession. 

Must be fast and very experienced with Photoshop. Must be very good at quickly using Photoshop to fill in with color my drawings. Also must be able to draw and have a sense for composition and most importantly color, not just applying filters. Once we get going I want to be able to complete 3 pages per day on average. 
Must be able to express ideas in English so I can communicate with you. I don't need you to be fluent so much as be able to express yourself in English so we can work together. And I can speak slowly and clearly in English. 

Must enjoy the creative process of working together. We will be creating books and stories together for children so it's important you like this idea. I'm a very laid back and easygoing person who likes to discuss art and ideas so I am looking for similar people. Also humor helps! 

You must have your own laptop that is fast enough to run photoshop as well.

Experience in Education and Children's books is preferred but not required. However liking cartoons and books can do a lot. 

After the books are completed if things have gone well opportunities will open up to work permanently on the creative team at the school. If you are interested please email me a short description about yourself with your experience so we can meet this week for an interview. Also feel free to send me some art or things you have worked on. 


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