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Guest SJ Energy
On 4/3/2020 at 6:23 PM, MacKenzie S. Bezos said:

Merchant Services.
I am a receiver/sender for Alipay,WeChat pay and UnionPay.
Send Yuan and Receive AUD/USD or vice versa.
Receiving QR codes for any amount can be generated.
Only serious people should PM me.

WeChat ID : Pokejaye1

I need an unionpay receiver. I do whatsapp or email, any contact # to reach you?

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    • By Andrea
      It has been tales of tears and heartbreaks for many who have tried to cash out their money from various wallets like international global pay, Insta Wallet pay, Global Business Pay and the rest of them. The truth is there are fake funds injected on the site, and many senders have lost millions and billions of those numbers under one guise or the other.
      International Global Pay is on today, off tomorrow. And even when it came online, some funds were missing, and now the site is off again.
      Now what does this mean to you. For any serious minded business man, the instability is a source of concern. I mean, you’re not also able to withdraw even after paying for activation.
      However, what if I told you there’s something new? A new way to sidestep all the shenanigans and get some your funds back? 
      Please note that this will only work for a select few that the new merchant has successfully integrated and interlinked their database from the back end.
      IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. But if you’re lucky, your account might be one of them and your funds can be cashed out.
      WAY OUT...
      There is a merchant platform with good credentials able to make withdrawals. We can deal with them to trade our funds with some BTC or Debit card cashout. 
      The requirement for processing and activation fee on the merchant platform might be an issue for some unserious people, but consider if the site with your existing funds is gone and you have no way to get even a little % of it?
      The new merchant method is making effort to make the payouts more straightforward doing the best they can do with already existing accounts, even if they have been blocked. In addition, the new merchant payout procedure is more stable and genuine.
      If you’d like me to help you and get your funds out and converted, follow my instructions and we will make a deal.
      Payout time is 6-12 hours through cash or etc loaded Visa debit card .
      You can also message me for free consultation.
      WhatsApp: +1 9179479396
      Contact me if you have an igp account or any account with funds that you cant access or withdraw from the wallet for a step by step guide.
    • By Moyan
      senders pls contact moyanmegan@gmail.com
      Apple pay and Google pay and 3D gateway available
    • By Tara Tarabeth
      I have fully verified QuickZellePay wallet. Sender can contact me.
      I also need sender for Business Global Pay. 
      30% instant pay out 
      No upfront. No time wasters.
      WhatsApp: +233508438581
    • By gh124333
      Looking for unionpay qr code receiver other than china. Only account owner needed. 
      Before transaction you need to link your card or account to btc exchange for instant payout. 
      Total amount over 37m rmb.
    • By Mmixtch
      Can exchange cash transfer for cash or bitcoin instantly
      Upto 5m Gbp per day
      return negotiable 
      no chains 
      face to face more preferable in London
      Contact me Now
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