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I have a direct receiver for MT103-202


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Hey. We are looking for a technical specialist (sender) for direct payment of instructions MT 103/202 to a bank account.

Acceptances are everywhere !!!

The technical specialist needs to crawl under the sender specified in the contract and install MT 103/202 in the correspondent account, and our employees will accept payment at the registration desk.

If the technician cannot creep under the sender specified in the contract, then you can put your own material (sender), the main thing is that your sender does not get into the black list and does not deteriorate, we check the sender before setting it up.

The contract can be sent upon request.

The main thing is that after setting up TRN, they fight in the system and the account increases by the amount you set.

The production must go through Swift.

After setting up, we need a black Swift 103 system screen, Swift 202 with well-defined TRN codes

At the reception, people, personal relationships with the bank owner, sb and the employee who is necessary for this process are checked. The owner of the bank personally gives orders based on the operation and takes the right people to the process.

Acceleration occurs 72 hours after installation. Refund guaranteed.

I also have 3D / Alipay / Cloudy Flash / Paypal Payment Chanels to help you transfer money.
Ukraine Bank / Russia 


EMAIL: bonassera@protonmail.com
WhatsApp: +1 856 229 0278.

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