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john nequnto

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To all "DIRECT", "GENUINE" and "CAPABLE" senders, 

We are a group of professional, international consultants who provide a range of trade finance solutions that will conveniently resolve your fund transfer needs provided that said funds are clean and of no criminal origin.  We resolve the obstacles of "GENUINE" senders to obtain access to "LEGAL" clearing facilities who are capable and willing to process off-balance transactions and clean dormant funds.  We do it the legal way and we certainly want to AVOID unscrupulous "brokers, FAKE MANDATES and FAKE CONTRACTS" being peddled in the internet.  We have our own proven ways in checking whether these supposed "contracts or mandates" are genuine or not by performing our own due diligence.

  • IPIP/IPID Code Server
  • DTC
  • MT103/202 Manual Download
  • GPI
  • POS Online/Offline
  • Foreign Exchange Currency Swaps

I only accommodate "GENUINE SENDERS OR THEIR AUTHORIZED MANDATES".  A long string of brokers just does not cut it.  Believe you me, after all these years of dealing with time wasters, I've developed our own fool proof way of dealing with scams and time wasters.   So if you really can provide a solid sender, feel free to hook up with me via my email address at ejnt062466@gmail.com and let's start talking sensibly.


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