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SBLC/BG ---Tutorial


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Good day my all strangers friend .

I want to guide you about some thing sblc and Bg 

Sblc and Bg called also securities in banking language. 

There is no such kind of word called lease. It's called lisenced 

There is no such kind of word called Purches or sale. It's called differed Purches. 

Did u think why any one will sale his instrument in 32 or 42 or 52% ..

This all made by scammers and fraud people.. Beware of them.. 

Sblc and Bg will be issued from Iasuer side when issuer block his fund or line of credit.. It means sblc and Bg is money on form.of paper.. You can keep it in your bank and take the money or enhance the credit limit.. 

Second thing when Sblc and Bg issued provider pay the issuance fees to his banker.. It's 100% ..if any of your provider ask the issuance fees don't work with him.. Just tell him if he wants can be deposited in 3rd party escrow.  That's the safe ..after signing the escrow you can do the due diligence talk to escrow bank and if it's genuine deposit the fund.. 

If any provider needs the upfront lisenceing fees or purchase fees then put him. On black list in your phone. Don't talk him again because he is 110% scammer.. 

Bank never issue any instruments.. Bank only deliver the instrument.. 

If you need any advise regarding finance or project finance or any kind of funding you can contact me. 

Note : My main motto is to clear the scammers from this market.. Because one dirty fish can create problem for all water 

Thanks and Regards 

Take care and stay safe 


Jai Kumar 


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