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i have a direct  mt103 receiver in california (united states) he has a wells fargo acct that can receive mt103 cash transactions .we are need and looking for real no broker chain of  mt103 cash senders  preferred ratio as follows 


45% receiver

5% me,Richard  receiver side close 

plz reply to either my email which is 


my whatsapp here in the states 

+1 817 606 9734

P.S. we also have HSBC accts. in the U.K. 

P.S.S. we also can receive cash with on line access with the wells fargo acct in the states

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On 12/11/2020 at 10:59 AM, Bankingsolns said:

We are not interested in your account, only the one in California

you aren`t going to  neither mine nor the  acct holder in california access codes period !


let  me pass on a bit of  friendly  ok

39 ties 39 times i have given or my associates have given their username and passwords to 

so call senders and not one not one has sent 

just one usd not one !!! this code that is sent to my phone and then you have a few seconds to verify and send to  you guys and thats the end of that ,you know the drill a total waste of time !!


last this money if any is stolen ,dirty or terrorists

ask yourself this question why would i send you my money then give you 25% to send it back to me ,get the picture!! people don`r give these scammer,liars ,time wasters your access codes trust me you are wasting your time ,banks will freeze those funds if by chance you  have a legit sender trust me they will!!

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