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Business Over Meals – Essential Dining Etiquette

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Business Over Meals – Essential Dining Etiquette

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Business Over Meals – Essential Dining Etiquette

Dear Friend,

Do you conduct business over meals? Are you creating the best impression when eating with clients, colleagues, or dates? Feel unsure or uncomfortable at business lunches or social gatherings?

In this fun and informative 2-hour workshop, you'll get a taste of our Western dinning etiquette program and learn useful tips to use immediately at your next "power lunch" or social meal. Make the best impression through attentive hosting, conversation, and essential dining etiquette. Stay focused on business discussions instead of worrying about which fork to use. With ease and grace, enjoy your meal and dining companions at both casual and formal occasions.

1. Host & Guest Duties
2. First Impressions at the Table
3. Continental Style of Dining
4. Conversation
5. Essential Dining Skills & Table Manners

Speaker(s) Bernice Lee is an etiquette consultant and interview coach. A native of Canada, Bernice has 10 years of corporate experience, including seven as a senior human resources manager at top international firms. Bernice is certified by The Etiquette & Leadership Institute of the U.S. and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Yale and a Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell.
Language English
Date and Time 2016/08/19    12:00 to 14:00
Venue La Parole, 3/F, The Pembertion, Sheung Wan
Media Closed to media
Enquiries Vera So
Tel: 28231280
Email: vera@chamber.org.hk
Fee Members @ HK$680 
Non-Members @ HK$880
Notes - Bookings will only be confirmed with full payment, on a first-come-first-served basis.
- Substitution is allowed with advanced notice while walk-ins will normally not be accepted.
- Please note that the Chamber reserves the right to decline any booking or cancel the event without explanation. In any such instance, the event fee will be returned in full.
- There will be no refund for attendees cancelling or not showing up for the event unless the cancellation request is made in writing at least 7 days before the event, and in such cases the refund will be subjected to a 10% administration fee, or HK$100 deduction, whichever is higher.
- The decision to accept or decline any bookings shall be at the sole discretion of the Chamber.
?email=o9c4%40mail.ru&e=1468498243&h=B6N  Registration Form
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