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• Contact Name: Mr. SAM

• E-mail: sakhompgroup@gmail.com 

• New - SBLC/BG Provider issued by HSBC/Barclays/BNP Paribas, London 

• New - Bank Draft Provider issued by HSBC, London 


• Receiver's Account Type: Corporate Bank Accounts

• Location: Thailand | Asia & Europe

• Capacity: RWA to Receive & Deal Big Fund

• Contact: Initial Contact via Email Only Please

• Notice: I am Direct to Professional & Reliable KYC/Non-KYC Receivers & MT104 DDTR Senders:

1) Direct Access to the Professional & Reliable  Corporate Receivers w/Certain Bank Insider.

2) Direct Access to Professional & Reliable Asset Management Corporates in Europe & Asia.

3) Direct Access to Professional & Reliable Corporate Receiver for Online Payments: Payoneer Payment | Global Payment | Wirex Account

All Interested Parties, please email me ASAP and include summary of: 

  • Purpose/Topic

  • Capacity/Role

  • Sharing Ratio 

  • What'sApp/Telegram numbers

* Reminder: For the sake of times and efforts, please try to read and understand my contents/objectives carefully, before contact me. 

Thanks for your Cooperation, Understanding and Business.

Edited by Uncle SAM
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