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Lawful Wages Calculation Workshop

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Lawful Wages Calculation Workshop

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Lawful Wages Calculation Workshop

Dear Friend,

Hong Kong's employment laws have undergone frequent changes in recent years. Apart from the complexities of the Employment Ordinance, the enactment of the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance on 13 July, 2007 and the Minimum Wage Ordinance in May 2011 has raised great concerns about wages calculation among employers and HR professionals. This workshop will take these 3 ordinances into consideration and guide participants through a step-by-step approach on the lawful calculation of wages. Through simple exercises and explanation, participants can gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the ordinances to manage employee benefits and wage payment, and to make necessary adjustments.

1. Definition of "wages" 
2. Calculation of wages for "hours worked" and keeping "work time" records
3. Calculation of statutory holiday pay 
4. Various lawful ways of granting rest days and calculation of pay 
5. Overtime arrangements and pay calculation 
6. Granting of paid annual leave and calculation of pay
7. Granting of paid sick leave; calculation of sickness allowance and no pay sick leave
8. Granting of paid maternity leave and calculation of pay
9. Termination compensation – payment-in-lieu, severance pay, long service payment and off-setting with the MPF accrued benefit


1. 工資的定義
2. 正常工作時數的工資計算
3. 法定假日薪酬計算
4. 休息日的各類合法安排及薪酬計算
5. 加班費的各類合法安排及薪酬計算 
6. 有薪年假薪酬計算
7. 病假薪酬計算
8. 產假薪酬計算
9. 離職補償-代通知金、遣散費、長期服務金的計算及強積金對衝安排

Speaker(s) Cammy Liu, General Manager, Manchester Training & Consultancy Institute

Cammy was a trainer with the Civil Service Training & Development Institute ("CSTDI") and later joined the Equal Opportunities Commission as a Senior Training Consultant. She has delivered programmes on topics covering the Employment Ordinance, Employee Compensation Ordinance, Equal Opportunities Ordinance and Personal (Data) Privacy Ordinance to many major organizations in Hong Kong, including Bank of China, Ocean Park, CSTDI, Housing Authority, HKCEC and Cable TV.
Language Cantonese
Date and Time 2016/08/05    09:30 to 17:00
Venue Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre
Media Closed to media
Enquiries Vera So
Tel: 28231280
Email: vera@chamber.org.hk
Fee Members @ HK$1450 
Non-Members @ HK$1950
Notes - Bookings will only be confirmed with full payment, on a first-come-first-served basis.
- Substitution is allowed with advanced notice while walk-ins will normally not be accepted.
- Please note that the Chamber reserves the right to decline any booking or cancel the event without explanation. In any such instance, the event fee will be returned in full.
- There will be no refund for attendees cancelling or not showing up for the event unless the cancellation request is made in writing at least 7 days before the event, and in such cases the refund will be subjected to a 10% administration fee, or HK$100 deduction, whichever is higher.
- Members paying with their BOC HKGCC Visa Card will enjoy a 30% discount on their reservation. The discount is only applicable to the card holder, and does not extend to their guests. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with Chamber Coupons.
- The decision to accept or decline any bookings shall be at the sole discretion of the Chamber.
?email=o9c4%40mail.ru&e=1468557742&h=em8  Registration Form
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